no more salt

you do not need to put any salt on your food. salt naturally occers in veggies, celery is a good source. while speaking with charlotte gerson daughter of dr gerson from the gerson institute i was shocked that this woman has never used salt on any thing she has ever eatin from the time she was born check out that web site and you can learn a few things.

but if you need to use salt i suggest that you use only himalayin pink salt this salt has all the minerals in it. sea salt is better than table salt but there are some that only have 2-3 minerals in it some others have 16 or so but the pink salt has them all


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I hate salt! Ever since I have shifted toward a more fruitarian lifestyle I cringe at the word salt :) Salt does have a lot of minerals but it is not minerals. People in American eats loads of salt on a SAD diet. I think it was like 3 or more tbls! dang that is a lot of salt. I think the best substitute would be kelp or dulse granules or pink sea salt like you said. I do like sea veggies on occasion but I usually rinse them well because they are so damn salty. I glad to see people realizing that too much salt is not a good thing.


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Isn’t a little good for you? I’ve been using Hymalayan pink salt and it’s got all the 54 minerals the body needs in it, it is unrefined and all natural. I am under the impression that unrefined natural salt is a good source of minerals. But I like to experiment, I might try not using it for a while and see if it makes me feel even better than I do now.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Hey Zoe, I am not saying that salt is completely bad for you. I was just stressing that many people, even eating raw, use way too much salt (nama shoyu for example) I really dont add salt to my food because Im very sensitive to it. But hey if a samll amount here and there makes you feel good go for it !? Just dont overdo it:)

  • Here is a quote from Graham’s web site – he addesses sea salt but the same holds for all salt:

    Extracted sodium chloride, in any form other than the small amounts naturally occurring in whole plant foods, is an irritant and is toxic to the body. It causes a decay of the sense of taste, retards digestion/excretion, and impairs the critical cellular potassium/sodium ratio upsetting our natural water balance. Drinking sea water causes dehydration and results in death in only a few days due to the salt content; extracting the salt from the water and ingesting it leads in the same direction. “You would not drink ocean water, as the salt in it is vile, caustic, irritating and in quantity, deadly, even though it is diluted by a lot of water.

  • exactly !

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I’m not wanting to stir things up here, everyone much do what feels right for them. But I just want to present some information from the other side of the debate – there always seems to be another side doesn’t there! I had a quick look around on the internet because I had heard something about salt being good for you and I found these couple of links…

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I don’t eat too much salt because I don’t like it as much. But when I was a kid I craved it like no other, I would eat it by itself all the time. I haven’t read your articles Zoe but I do know that salt is needed in the body but the amount needed isn’t high. I am sure the lady who never had salt receive what she needs if she consumes sea vegetables or just from the veggies and fruits she needs. I am more prone now to consume kelp rather than sea salt. Pink himalayan salt may be better but not everyone wants to pay $40 for a small bottle of salt.

  •, i dont think i need to even say anything about that one. shirley seems to have read the same book as i have only thing is she didnt catch on to the sales pitch chapter (there is one ). the studies performed are by the authors and owners of that particular salt company and they are one and the same if you look at the “blind test” they did the average number not being far from the group that only drank water isnt far off(maybe 2-3 and thats not good enough when there is only 2 groups your going by). and did you see how much money they are making from that ? $30.00 for 2 lbs ?? of course that book will be in favor of consuming that salt. i do recognise however that it can and does even out the blood pressure but then again so does good eating habits and exercise. the book is interesting but there is a sales pitch also

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