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i want to get something goin here in philly. it seems there is very little support here for raw vegans 


  • Isn’t there a raw restaurant in Philly? There’s also a raw group in Doylestown (go to, plus there’s Arnold’s Way in Lansdale. I’m in NJ.. I’ve been to Arnold’s once, saw Paul Nison there.

  • In Harrisburg there’s a Raw stand/resturant at the Market call Luna Pastel. I went with my husband and it was great. I’m in Lancaster and I haven’t been to Philly recently so I don’t know what’s there except for the Whole Foods on South Street.

  • there use to be a raw restaurant in northern liberties but the website says that they are closed…looking for a new location ( i wish there were more places in philadelphia that i could go to. i know essene ( sells raw food and supplies. wonder if there are any others without having to go way out into the suburbs i.e. bryn mawr (…), lansdale (, frazer (

    if anyone hears of any please let me know.

    think if enough of us got together we could get something going?

    harrisburg i did not know about. my parents live there, might have to check it out sometime. thanks joanellenromero.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Further out, there’s New Oxford’s Loving Life Cafe – ALL RAW, even their ice cream.

  • KIKOMAN , you have to try the always cafe up on huntington pike wow is that good stuff. and thanks to those who replied

  • the Always Cafe?...i can’t find it when i google it for an address. do you have one other then on the huntington pike?

  • joanellenromero, I checked out Luna Pastel this past weekend while in H-burg…very good and they were so sweet! I’m planning on going each time I visit the folks! Thanks for the info.

  • sorry bout that, its all ways cafe 634 welsh rd and huntingdon pk. 215 914 2125

    while your up there take a look at the bryn athen cathedral its about 3 mins from there and its beutiful in the back is a great view of the valley

  • Jaymz72, I checked out All Ways Cafe’s website and didn’t see anything raw there except one raw salad. Am I missing something?

  • koolieaidedkoolieaided Raw Newbie

    I just found this amazing organic food website. I didn’t know where to place it so..I decided it could go here.

  • I’m from Philly too! I also wish there was more on the Raw front.

  • I am visiting Philly in 2 weeks. Are ya’ll tellin’ me there are no raw restaurants??? Because I REALLY want to enjoy my first experience at a raw restaurant!!! If no raw, is there a good vegan restaurant? I will being staying at City Center. Thanks!!

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