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emailing other members

It would be really good if there was an option in our profiles to make our email addresses available. And those who want to keep their email addresses private would just indicate that in their profile.



  • Good suggestion, Debra. Actually hadn’t thought of providing that as an option, would anyone else be interested in that?

    What we were thinking of, which would avoid email entirely, is setting up a “buddy system” of sorts, which would let you add someone as a “buddy” when looking at their profile, and then you could send messages back and forth to your buddies. This would also allow us to let you see all your friends’ recipes, favorites, and so on. Maybe we could do it both ways!

  • the buddy list and a PM (personal message) or email option would be good additions

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    good idea.

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    These are all really good ideas. 

  • I would appreciate a way to communicate off site with folks. Like if someone were in my geographic location, I could invite them to potlucks etc.

  • I see tons of people that I would like to talk to on here and would love to be able to “add friends” on here – similar to myspace or any other networking site!

  • I just put mine in my profile. There is a text box to enter your email in the edit profile section but it is not made public. How about just having an option to make public your email address in your profile? That way it would just show up in your profile when people click on your picture?

  • Excellent suggestion, queenfluff, and thanks everyone for your feedback. We’ve got another programmer on board here at Needmore, and we’ll be sure to make some “social networking” features our top priority over the next few weeks, when we work on improving Gone Raw!

  • Your welcome Ray! (I’m actually a programmer myself!) :)

  • That’s a great idea. I have an idea too. I have a cooking disaster. I could submit a picture and let you see it but I don’t want to add it to the recipe section. It would be a good way for people to help diagnose what a person did wrong. A discussion area where a pic. could be submitted. I tried to make the breakfast crepe but mine just turned into a brown banana leather- not a white creamy “crepe” type thing. It looks funny but takes a lot of work to do these things so it would be nice to have a way for more of an expert or someone who has done it successfully to take a look.

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