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Get Fresh - raw magazine

Here’s a raw food magazine in the U.K. that I just came across.

You can download it for free—



  • Thanks! I wish there were more magazines geared towards the raw food lifestyle. It’s frustrating to see the recipes in my “healthy” magazines that are not only cooked, but also include examples of poor food combinations. Still, better for people to eat the “healthy” SAD diet than fast food and junk I guess.

  • Theres another raw food magazine in the UK called Funky Raw (www.funkyraw.com).

    Dont know if its free to download but it makes good reading

  • I just downloaded a copy of Get Fresh, lots of great information, thanks for posting the link!

  • sunluvva .. thanks for the funkyraw link .. they do have a free copy online too!

    k8lish .. “lots of great info” .. I haven’t read mine yet, but taking a 4 hour bus trip to NYC for the weekend tomorrow, so will be perusing soon!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I ordered it… but they haven’t even charged me for it… so I don’t know if I’m getting it! I even emailed them to get them to send it the U.S… they said they would… but, I’m still waiting.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I emailed them and asked about ordering a subscription (I am in the U.S.) They prompty replied that I can place an order, where, and how. So, I did… I put in my information (to purchase)... and weeks later they haven’t charged me. I emailed them… and still nothing! Sorry to complain, but I was looking forward to this magazine. And, I am disappointed in there customer service. It’s been over a month now!

  • I too called to get a sub to Get Fresh magazine, but the sub price to send to US was $100!!! SO, I found a fabulous RAW magazine here in US that I’m so thrilled with ~ Purely Delicious! Website is www.purelydelicious.net You’ll love it! So pretty, colorful, and recipes are delicious!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I got Purely Delicious too. But, I think Get Fresh is better… enough to pay for the year subscription ($50)... you must’ve wanted the 2-year one for $100. When Purely Delicious gets “bigger” or more info on it… I would subscribe to that… right now, it’s a bit small. But, their recipes are great! So, I got their calendar to look at all those great raw food dishes and inspire me to make more raw food. :o)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Just FYI: The Purely Delicious ($25/yr) magazine is a great magazine… The Spring 2007 issue I bought has less than 30 pages of information. The Get Fresh magazine (~$56US/yr) is also great and the last issue I got has over 80 pages. So, you get about the same amount of information for the same price… just different kind of information and ads.

    Interestingly, some of the Get Fresh raw cheese recipes use New Chapter Probiotics in warm water or rejuvelac… and are processed with nuts, left to culture for some hours, and voila, cheeze. I haven’t seen this in any recipe before. Just thought that was interesting.

  • Just downloaded it.. thank you so much, I cant believe their is a RAW magazine, Im so excited..

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