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Parnoosh Dates

NagevNagev Raw Newbie

I love dates! I have been buying Parnoosh Honey Dates, the ones that come in a square tub, and I was wondering what other people think of them. They are very soft and juicy and I am uncertain if they are raw. I heard that many dates are steamed to make them look better.



  • Hi James -

    a lot of dates you find in health food stores are steamed. This usually happens if the processor thinks the dates are too dry. There are definitely raw ones available. We have some at Raw From the Farm.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Veganman, I love your website/your business, you are a raw food hero!!!

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    Thanks Veganman,

    I checked out your website to it looks great. How do you plan to get around the almond pasteurization issue?

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    The truly raw dates I have been in contact with were extrememly dry. It could be possible but the best way to find out is call the manufacturer.

  • Hi Zoe – thank you so much!

    James – the farmers we get our almonds from are very much against it and will hold out as long as possible. They are also researching other methods to pasteurization that will still meet the needs of the Almond Board.

    About the dryness of dates….it depends on type, when they were harvested, processing, and storage. Some companies also freeze their dates, which can affect consistancy.

  • I found this thread via Google yesterday, and I decided to settle the issue once and for all. I called the Parnoosh Date company, and a very nice representative returned my voicemail message, and confirmed that the dates are 100% raw! She said that the dates are shipped in their natural state from overseas, without any processing, and are then washed in room-temperature water, and packed.

    If you love these dates as much as I do, hopefully you’ll find this useful.

  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    Good! I purchase those as well.

  • Where do you buy the Parnoosh dates? I have always loved dates stuffed with a pecan half, or in breads, but I can’t get into them now. Then after reading about the larva and eggs in dates, I started checking them, and sure enough, I found some. Don’t ask me about just what eggs or larva, I read it at rawfoodtalk. Has anyone heard of red dates? They are called for in some TCM recipes.

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