Blender or Food processer????

HEllo all; I’ve been reading books and searching websites, trying to learn all there is to know about raw ‘diet’. I’ve read many recipe and I never worked with a food processer (maybe that’s why I don’t know) but can you use your bloender inster of the food processer to chop your nuts? or anything else? Can I just rely on a blender? I know that a food processor can slice and shredl but this something I usually do using other tools. So please let me know what are the differences, and what can one do that the other one can’t….except for making nice slice and nice shred. I really appreciate.


  • PamPam

    Hi. I think that a food processor works really well for some things, like pates and crackers and, yes, chopping nuts. The blender is too narrow and the food on top doesn’t get engaged unless you add water. I reach for the blender for things that have a lot of liquid (although I do make my smoothies in the blender if though I don’t add liquid). And I use the food processor for preparations with lots of solid ingredients.

  • I have a vitamix and it can definitely handle making nut pattes and things like that. Keep it on for a bit longer and it makes beautfiul nut cheeses and spreads. But the greatest things about blender are smoothies. You can make a very satisfying meal in minutes! I would def go with a good high speed blender, I recomened witamix. james

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