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Sensitive Teeth

I know this has been discussed before, but when I did searches the information was scattered and didn’t exactly answer my question.

I did notice a discussion on receding gumline, but there didn’t seem to be an answer. I remember a holistic dentist saying that there’s no such thing as the actual gumline receding, but that its really the tooth beneath shrinking (loss of calcium I guess? I’m not sure). I have noticed this since going vegan, but I cannot say for sure if it was there before the switch becaue I wasn’t exactly looking for it. At first I didn’t worry and figured that once my diet balances out and has more leafy greens that it would correct itself (since I would be getting the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, etc.)....

HOWEVER… recently after doing the Master Cleanse I found my teeth becoming sensitive (particularly lower molars, near the front). I WAS very careful after drinking each lemonade because I knew it wasn’t good to let lemon juice sit on the teeth (or maple syrup for that matter)... I would not brush immediately after because I’ve heard thats bad but I would rinse very well with water. At first the pain seemed to only be the left teeth, then it migrated to the right. Its in both now but more prominent in the right. I thought it would go away when I started on solid food again, but unfortunately I’m consuming quite a bit of fruit now so I’m still getting a lot of sweet foods / sugar (still having some maple syrup and agave… for now). I think this is to blame BUT I am very worried and I DO NOT want to go to my dentist. I don’t want any of those chemicals, to even be around or in that office worries me. If I must, I will go, but I always believe in trying to heal myself first.

I tried pressing down hard on top of the teeth and noticed there was no pain at all. Then I pressed at the gumline and noticed considerable pain. So I don’t know if that means its not a cavity or is or what. I tried rinsing with peroxide as I usually do and it was VERY painful. Cold water also causes pain but not quite as bad. If anyone has any ideas I would LOVE to hear them.

In the meantime, someone mentioned eating more sea vegetable for iodine (to help with hair growth and teeth). I will start using these kelp granules I have as my sea salt in recipes from now on… and I will see about incorporating more sea veggies. However I would like some difinitive answers from anyone who has resolved this problem, or else has heard of ways to solve it. Common sense tells me to eat lots more leafy greens, unfortunately my desire for them isn’t substantial at the moment (at least not raw—used to love them cooked). Looks like I’ll be having some green smoothies…


EDIT: I forgot to mention, I also started oil pulling as soon as I wake. Its been two days and it seems to have gotten worse from yesterday AM to today. I think it might just be detox, but I still would love input.


  • My receding gumlines are minor, but I’m concerned that if it continues, more issues with arise down the road. I’ve gathered “tips” from my dentist with each visit over the years. Here are all of the things I do (based on her advice):

    1. Swish some sea saltwater around the teeth after every brushing. This helps kill the bacteria that the toothbrush and floss cannot reach. It also helps with inflammation.

    2. Use a fluoride rinse every night to help with sensitivity issues. I get the children’s kind, since it’s alcohol-free.

    3. Massage the gums with the index finger to stimulate blood flow to encourage reattachment & growth.

    4. Use a tongue scraper once a day to help keep the mouth clean.

    5. Take 1500 units of calcium, 200 units of B-12, and 1400 units of vitamin-D daily.

    6. See the dentist every 3 months for regular cleanings/check-ups. Every 6 months is only for people with no dental issues.

    7. Brush with an extra-soft toothbrush, using a very gentle circular motion, and using the non-strong hand so I don’t overpower it (i.e. use left hand to brush if right handed).

    8. Carry floss with me to clean the teeth after most meals. And brush teeth after lunch at work.

  • I’ve started brushing with baking soda and then rinsing with apple cider vinegar (read about that somewhere online).

    Swishing with salt water sounds like a good idea… but I wouldn’t use a fluoride rinse. I don’t trust fluoride.

    Massaging gums… thats a really good idea! Dunno why that didn’t occur to me…

    Yep I have a tongue scraper :) I’m very pleased because since MC and going raw I don’t seem to need it as much.

    I want to avoid supplements… I do worry about vitamin D though because I don’t get enough sun when its so cold out (although i’m thinking of getting a sunlamp). As far as calcium, i’ve starded upping my intake of leafy greens.. and as far as B-12 I think that being fully Raw will help that balance out inside myself (with intrinsic factor and all that—I don’t know much about it but I don’t feel a need to supplement that until I’m SURE that being fully raw, growing my own veggies, etc. doesn’t prevent a deficiency… also I know people go get enough B-12 are still deficient, so I’m convinced its not about how much we are ingesting)...

    I also have a soft toothbrush, wasn’t sure about how to brush with it though… but I was using a circular motion. Glad I got that one right.

    I have been brushing after every meal (and flossing)... so I think I’m at least on the right track. :) Thank you so much for all your suggestions!

  • Also consider Xylitol – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylitol

    It’s a naturally occurring sugar – though I bet it’s not raw it’s got some amazing health benefits

    It re-mineralises tooth enamel and I found my own sensitivity has very much disappeared!!

    Simply press your dry toothbrush into the granules to fill in between the bristles. Then add your regular toothpaste.

    After 12 months last year of primarily fruit and bad food combining I ended up with sensitised teeth and a good helping of candida to boot. You’ll see that Xylitol is actually beneficial against both of these.. me personally I never swallow it though that’s up to you.

    The re-mineralisation seems a slow process but have definitely noticed a dramatic improvement. And the sensitivity has not come back back for around 6 months.

  • This is an issue that happend to me after beeing my first year raw (I’m on my fifth year now).

    The teeth seem to get sensitive and discolored for some reason after the detoxification of your body is done and you start to build a new you.

    I literally lost a part of my tooth and noticed later on that a new enalm was growing over the small area of my tooth where the old enalm was missing.

    The salt water is IMO a good practice and to use a toothpaste without glyserin. Glyserin leaves on the tooth a coat which prevents the mineralasation of a new enalm.

    One good “toothpaste” is IPSAB toothpowder which has only salt and ash bark as incredients.

    My theory is that teeth are living as every other part of your body and will begin a remodelling when having a new change.

  • I was actually planning on starting a thread about this… I had the same sensitivity issue with my teeth. I have heard using Xylitol but haven’t used it yet. But I read a post about brushing with castile soap. I thought I’d give it a try, I use the Dr. Bonner’s Peppermint liquid castile soap. Though I will tell you straight out that it tastes vile and the after taste is also pretty gross, it does a very good job, and you do get used to the taste. Along with drinking my green juice ‘V-6’ concoction every morning the sensitivity has disapeared in about two weeks.

  • thisbetherawdavid- Thanks! I’ll try Xylitol as soon as I can pick some up. I’ve seen it around but I’ve never heard about its benefitial qualities.

    mjhendrik – wow.. so you’re saying your tooth started to grow back? That makes me worry less about my teeth. I guess I should have figured it was possible but everyone around me makes me feel like I should be paranoid about my teeth (especially after telling them about this sensitivity)... I’ll still be careful of course.

    I currently stopped using toothpaste because of glycerin. I had a paste I LOVED but it had glycerin. :( Now my teeth cleaning consists of:

    Oil pulling in the AM, then either washing with water and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide (not so much now since the peroxide bothers my tooth) OR washing with baking soda and rinsing with apple cider vinegar.

    Then after meals / at night I will brush with baking soda and rinse with apple cider vinegar. It works great and my mouth feels clean so I’m happy. My tooth doesn’t really feel sensitive anymore UNLESS I touch it. When I do that it feels just as sensitive as ever. :( Oh… and cold things seem to make me “feel” my tooth but I can’t say that they hurt.

    Matt- two weeks? Nice. I’ve been drinking mostly green smoothies for breakfast but sometimes its just fruit. I’ve heard about castile soap and I went to buy some before I did my Master Cleanse but I noticed whatever brand it was had glycerin, so I didn’t get it. If the baking soda and vinegar mix doesn’t work in another week I’ll have to get some (or make) castile soap.

    I’m really glad to hear of others who had the same problem and it has cleared up. My parents were pushing me to go see our dentist but I REALLY don’t want to have to go to him. I’ve found some local holistic dentists who I wouldn’t mind seeing, but I can’t afford it right now and I doubt my parents would want to pay. It hasn’t gotten bad enough yet that I’m really worried… in fact I barely notice it at all, its just that if I poke it, it hurts.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i read in this book “eat smart, eat raw”, that raw vegans tend to have tooth sensitivities if they eat too frequently. this is because our food is harsh on the teeth… have you tried eating the traditional 3 times a day maybe?

  • Hmm… You know I don’t really pay attention too much to when I eat. Its typically 3 times BUT also with snacking. I’ll try eating ONLY 3 times a day and see how that goes. Thanks!

  • patrickpatrick Raw Newbie

    Katie, just trying to sort out similar problems myself. I did quite a lot of searching on the internet and have started using a mix of 1 part Sea Salt (Celtic, or Himalayan etc quality if possible) and 3 parts Baking Soda (which is Sodium bicarbonate or Potassium Bicarbonate) to brush with, mix this up thoroughly by shaking in a small container. Use a soft toothbrush (I always preferred hard before) and put a small quantity of the powder in palm of one hand, add a few drops of pure water (or Colloidal Silver, or Hydrogen peroxide 3%) and dip brush into mixture. Apply to teeth at an angle, towards gums and agitate brush, the purpose of this is to get the mixture to enter space between your teeth and gums, not to clean your teeth. I understand that this then alkalises the area, which kills off the bacteria.
    A lot more about this can be found here: http://www.saveyourteeth.com/the_secret.htm
    I found the point about not using Hydrogen Peroxide with amalgam fillings interesting, it is the only place I have seen this mentioned, otherwise there are lots of suggestions to use it for gum health and to whiten teeth. I’d be interested to know if anyone has any experiences of this.
    I also believe that raw vegans develop tooth/gum problems through eating too much fruit and not enough greens … the easy solution is a couple of green smoothies each day :-)

  • Where do you get Potassium Bicarbonate?

  • patrickpatrick Raw Newbie

    I’d guess that Potassium Bicarb would be available from pharmacy/chemist. I’m not really sure, I’m in Thailand and trying to get things like this often proves complicated, I got Sodium Bicarb from chemist. I haven’t managed to find xylitol here, which I’d also use if I could get it. By the way, I find using the mixture bicarb/salt much more pleasant than using bicarb alone, which I’d tried once before, I think xylitol can also be added to mixture, but do some checking before you do so. The great thing is that apart from being good for oral health, it is much cheaper than buying toothpastes, many of which still have undesirable elements, even though supposedly healthy.

  • Katie, you mentioned oil pulling…what is that? Also, Sergei Boutenko uses castile soap with good results. He says the enamel grows back on your teeth. His mother, Victoria, started the green smoothies and she drinks 2 quarts a day and no longer has problems with her teeth. I’ve also read burnt eggplant is great for brushing your teeth.

  • i just picked up a sensodyne toothpaste called ‘pronamel’ or something; it’s designed for people who eat a lot of fruit, among other things. tastes vile but is supposed to help you build up enamel and not have such sensitive teeth.

  • There is actually nothing better than Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder. It tightens teeth, prevents gum disease, grows enamel, and has no sugar, fluoride, chemicals, etc; just great tasting whole herbs. I brush and swallow it and it benefits the rest of my bones and body. I have many testimonials where people have used it and reversed reseeding gums. I know I did. This is truly a completely health building powder of 8 herbs.

  • jasminec5493jasminec5493 Raw Newbie
    edited June 21

    I remember my teeth hurting and being weird when I was in school, they don't tend to now Alhamdulillah. I really think it was because I used to have so much fizzy drinks that my enamel was worn out a bit lol just like most of my friends too! But I've barely had soda for years and hence the improvement.

    Here are my tips:

    1. Toothpaste made for sensitive teeth - no excuses!

    2. Maybe a natural remedy is watching out for what you eat, cutting the acidic foods/drinks or stuff that tends to trigger the aches.

    3. Eat Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Kiwis, and Mangoes as these contain acids that kill bacteria that attack the enamel. But not too many acidic foods as the acid can get too much for teeth.

    4. Maybe your good brushing habits are the problem! I've read that too much or hard brushing wears down the tooth enamel so you need to make sure you use a soft brush and be careful to brush your teeth gently and change it regularly.

    5. Some kinds of toothpaste contain chemicals that trigger toothaches so try changing to a different brand.

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