Hello everyone… Yesterday morning I went to my little lovely health food store and they giving out free artichokes! Saturday morning and free veg, can


  • i dont know how to eat artichoke raw but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM when they were char grilled in olive oil and herbs…delish. i still love that, but as we all know, its a no no to cook. so what i suggest is marinating it over a good period of time and then dehydrating it for a few hours until its the texture you like. i suggest slightly soggy is better that dried- chewy. hope that helped.

  • oh my GOODNESS if you try this and it works please [anybody] let us know on here! I’m an artichoke FREAK, and if there’s a way to eat them raw i’d love to try it.

  • I LOVE raw artichokes, and am so glad they’re in season right now!

    The outer leaves are a bit tough, but after peeling about two layers, the white part on the bottom of the leaves is soft and completely edible. The choke still needs to be sliced off the heart, and the young spiney leaves on the very inside are very poke-y, but it tastes much better than a cooked one. Cocktail artichokes are my favorite raw because there is no “choke” on the heart.

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    Hi k8lish~ Wow! That is great information. I didn’t think artichokes could be eaten raw. Woohoo! I am also a ‘chokelover.

  • Brilliant… thanks for the ideas… I think I will try them tomorrow …and will let you know how it worked out

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