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My husband has just been diagnosed with chondrosarcoma


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    My best to you and your husband. If you are not seeing results, supplement with good quality supplements. The key (and sometimes the hardest discovery) to improving wellness is finding what your husband’s body is lacking such that it would allow the tumor to survive. Finding this/these “missing piece(s)” is a journey. The body heals itself if given what it needs.

  • I always think its a good idea to cleanse the system when there is something like this… In my opinion (not my idea of course), disease is 99% of the time (if not all of the time) toxic build-up in the body. When the body is performing correctly, one will get “sick” (like the common cold, etc) to try and push those things out of the body. If this is stifled, or if the body does not get rid of the toxins as quickly as they build up, then I believe conditions such as cancer arise, where the cells are bombarded with the toxins and, thus, become diseased.

    Going raw is definitely a good way to cleanse the system :) Sticking with organics is important too… drinking lots of water… etc… sounds like you’re really on the right track :) I’d like to commend you on your actions, seeking a healthier lifestyle, etc. Nothing is more upsetting to me than seeing people who are so unhealthy who don’t HAVE to be, but are really just putting themselves in that situation by eating / living poorly. I see it in my family all the time and I believe to sacrifice one’s health because of silly things like “I like the taste of this bad food / drink / cig.—etc.” is the most selfish thing a person can do. We have loved ones who either depend on us or would be greatly grieved by our passing, and if we are not at our healthiest then we are wasting precious time that could be spent doing amazing things with them (rather than in front of the tv, or in the hospital constantly, or too ill to go outside, etc.) ...

    Sorry about the rant but a lot of people in my family have cancer right now and are dying / have recently died… and its just really refreshing to see someone doing something about it!!

    My cousins’ grandfather just passed away from colon cancer. He went to lunch with his wife at Burger King every day. So much so that they sent flowers to his funeral, and the workers themselves visited. Something tells me that if he instead spent lunch daily at a place like whole foods which sells a better, healthier selection, it would be them sending flowers to his 62nd birthday, instead of to his funeral.

    In response to bluedolfin, I agree that it is important to give your body everything it needs to be well… however I think it is more important to not give it what will make it sick. I think the body doesn’t get so seriously ill from missing a vitamin here or there (significant deficencies aside), but as I said, from too many toxins.

    Indeed the body will heal itself if given both what it needs and not given what it doesn’t need. I know, common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people just do not consider that side of the equation.

    Good luck on your journey :) I wish you the best… and the goneraw community will be here to help you out.

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    Hi Katie~ Thank you for responding to my post.

    I think there is a complicated equation of many factors that are intertwined when it comes to our health. And, the area of nutrition/food is plagued with differing views, differing study results, and, to top it off, unethical nutrition/food vendors.

    My view on health is that there are “models” that are created to try and predict particular outcomes. I believe the seriousness of a “disease” is not due to quantity of something missing, but how a particular body reacts to what is missing. I coach people in the area of glyconutritionals and other necessary nutrients and what I have seen is that two people can differ greatly as to the quantity and combination that is consumed for the same results even though they appear to have the same severity of the same disease.

    Eg. Let’s say I give you a note. Let’s say this note has missing words. Your understanding of the note is dependant on where exactly there are missing words and not necessarily how many words are missing. Consider the following: I __ you. Do I love, hate, like, miss, want or something else you? There is only one word missing… However, this one word is a very important word for the meaning of the message. The “important” nutrient(s) that is missing for someone with a disease is the one(s) that when given to the body, the body is able to heal itself. I believe health and healing includes not only producing healthy cells, but distinguishing good things from bad things in the body and disposing that which is not supporting health including dead or unhealthy cells and toxins.

    It would be really, really nice if we all needed the same nutrient/food formula to achieve and maintain health. But what is going on in each individual body is sooooooooo different and, as of yet, there is/are no definitive test(s) to “truly” know what is going on or what is going wrong.

    Again, this is the model that works for me. I offer it as a “view” and not as the “truth”. I hope this clarifies my view and I welcome your view.

  • Thats really interesting :) Thank you for clarifying. That makes a lot of sense and I agree with you… it is amazing how different our bodies are and how differently they react to the same things.

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    Mothergoose~ I hope this discussion is useful to you. I really encourage you to take time to take care of your. Both of you are going through this challenge.

    Katie~ Glad that we are on the same page. Glad to be having a conversation with another health professional.

    One other clarification… I don’t distinguish good food from good nutrition (nutrition is simply concentrated

  • I started eating raw foods for the same reason- being diagnosed with cancer. My good news is that I avoided a hysterectomy and having lymph nodes removed. I was diagnosed as stage 1a for cancer, so it was an early stage, but I have never had abnormal cells since (4 years ago). I strongly urge you to keep doing it. Most people would not be so proactive. Another amazing thing you should try is mangosteen juice- highly concentrated antioxidants and is helpful with cancer. I have only been taking it for 6 months now, and it is amazing! I did a lot of things in addition to raw food when healing: blue-green algae (E3 live), spirulina, wheatgrass juice, barley green powder, acidophilus and whey, kyolic garlic, flax oil, essiac tea, kombucha tea. Dr. Shultz’s intestinal formula #1 and 2. Fermented foods will help cleanse the intestines. I eliminated all toxins as much as possible-caffeine, alcohol, even focused on what soaps I used and what cleaning solutions were in the house. Start sprouting seeds if you already haven’t- they are packed full with nutrients to keep you strong. You can sprout wheatberries and then grow them in a flat, and then juice them to make wheatgrass juice. 1 flat makes about 2 shots. I could go on and on… Prayer is the most important thing, I believe. I felt so good doing all these things that I believe being diagnosed with cancer was a blessing in disguise.

  • Thanks to all!! We both take BarleyGreen and Glenn is taking mega doses of Megamangosteen juice. I know that this was a wake up call for us and, as you say kaua’imom, a blessing in disguise! I know that this is not a temporary fix…we will continue with this lifestyle long after my husband is well! Prayer is a huge part of our lives and I am more than confident that we are on the right track. The doctor is not thrilled, but he doesn’t live with the consequences of our choices, we do. I know that there was a reason God began leading me in this direction l-o-n-g before we ever became aware of the problem! He is also seeing a homeopath who has given him two remedies to take until she sees him next month.

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    Hi MG~ Always remember y’all are directors of your own health. Also remember you have an option to seak out a doctor that will work with you and be your partner in health. This will be a doctor with an open mind and an open heart.

    To your wellness…

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