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Got sick from cooked food


I’ve been nearly 99% raw for a month. My 1% non-raw food has been limited to the free samples of cooked vegan food at Whole Foods.

Today, for Halloween, Chipotle was giving away free burritos (from 5pm to closing) to anyone dressed like a burrito (just had to wrap some foil around your arm, or make a foil hat). This was my first cooked meal in a few weeks.

However, about 5 hours later, I came down with diarrhea. I just spent the last couple hours getting this out of my system.

Is it possible to develop a “food intolerance” to cooked food, after being 100% raw for a while? It’s possible that the food was contaminated somehow, but this is a big restaurant chain, & I just got a vegan burrito, so the likelihood is small.



  • This happens to me too. I’m about 90 percent raw, but when I eat a cooked dish every once in a while I can really feel it. It could be the combination of the foods as well, beans don’t combine to well with anything because they are a protein and a starch.

  • Victoria Boutenko describes it in Green for Life>

    When eating cooked or otherwise taking in toxins, the body lines the digestive tract with a heavy mucus lining. When raw, it is not necessary and the body works to rid itself of this buffer.

    Then the body is without that defense when toxins again are taken in and has to use other means of getting rid of it. Thus we vomit, come down with diarrhea, coughs and suddenly has to blow our nose.

    I tend to fall asleep on my feet if I eat cooked potatoes with the rest of the family after a month raw. It is really hard on my system. That hasn’t held me from doing it time and time again, though.

  • frzzzn – thanks for the reply. I thought perhaps this happens to others too.

    rawjoy – a scientific explanation…. great…. makes sense to me.

    I had a little more sickness in the morning, but it’s out of my system now. I’ve always been a sucker for free food. But I really like raw food, & will stick to it this month.

  • hi ron, I could completely identify with you here….i’m also mostly raw, the only cooked food I eat is free-food, be it in office party’s, free samples in grocery’s (including cookies/cakes, but no meat). I made this policy of NOT SPENDING any money on cooked food. I know it’s bit weird, but I’m still learning to be 100% raw. But so far I’ve not faced any reactions.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Maybe I’m not “raw” enough yet to have these kinds of reactions, but I find no real reaction to cooked food. I try to only have cooked food on occasion, maybe pizza after a long hike or some rice with sashimi every so often but I just don’t find it to be a problem at all

  • The same thing has happened to me a couple of times. One time after being raw for about 2 months I went out to dinner for Thai food with friends… only ate vegan tofu dishes (same stuff I always used to eat before going raw) and at about 4 am the next morning I woke up with stomach cramps and was really sick. Same thing when I went out with my parents for their anniversary dinner and had cooked food… 5 am sick. Just a little un-friendly reminder of why I want to stick to raw food!!

  • I fell off the wagon after only a month raw around Halloween. I had candy and alot of cooked party food. I am now sick with flu like symptoms and it is just me…no one else in family (they are not raw) got sick so I think it was due to the cooked food. I felt so amazing and now I feel like crap. :(

  • I’m with you Tijja-those Reeses cups were calling to me. I am feeling rotten after the candy and too much poor-quality cooked food. Its seems like once I ate something cooked I would not usually eat, the more I wanted…

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