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my prayer recipe ???

i put up a prayer recipe to teach people that prayer before they eat actually makes the food taste better and improves health benefits. this is not just my opinion they have done studies that prayer changes the quality of things such as water where dr emoto can show you what prayer has done to water.look him up on the web very interesting. so im wondering why it was removed. why on earth would anyone have a problem with that recipe ? even when it recieved a 5 star rating.

all you need to do is: put your palms together, fingers straight and ask god to bless your food its simple and it works. try it you will like it.


  • I didn’t delete the recipe, I just marked it “unpublished” because it wasn’t actually a recipe. Sorry, but we do have a policy of only having recipes in the recipe section.

    I don’t disagree, however, with your prayer suggestion, I’d just rather keep the recipes focused on food – regardless of its rating! I am glad that you posted the instructions here in the forums. I certainly do welcome an open sharing of thoughts, ideas, and opinions here!

  • great! thank you ! hey ray… how about putting a forum for spiritual talk or something like that just an idea.

    thanks, james

  • My grandfather always did the prayer at home: We thank the peace on this house and all the blessings of this food.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I Reiki my food. And when I am making it I sing mantras or lovely affirmations to tunes that I make up. My favourtie one is, “Everyday in every way life gets better and better!” After I have been singing it into the food for an hour or so I feel quite high and all that intention goes right into the food :) I am such a tree hugging hippy!!

  • I love the singing to the food and the prayers…what beautiful tree hugging hippies we all are!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Hey Zoe, I reiki my food too!

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    This is so cool. I’m gonna start chanting to my food. Thanks for this wonderful idea!!

  • what will you chant ? prayers and chanting rule :)

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    I enjoy inventing, which I will do, but I very much like Lucy and Zoe’s prayer/reiki.

  • As a spiritual humanist, it sounds to me that food tasting better in any way after a person prays over it is more psychological than anything resembling actual reality. But as a great man once said “Whatever Gets You Through The Night”

    As for myself, if I want my food to taste better I add a little sea salt.

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