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making the transition... question?

Hey everybody – great community of friendly people here… i’ve been slowly improving my personal health after discovering i had a bit of stress and an underperforming thyroid… got with a doctor and ended up with a naturapath – awesome! very helpful. on my own, after slowly improving my diet, i stumbled on dr. jubb and dr. hulda clark’s books and want to try vegetarianism & the raw lifestyle!

here’s my problem… i lift weights and have long eaten flesh. I’m ready to try giving it up, but i can’t figure out what i’m going to eat to make me feel – full?

What can you eat that’s raw that really fills you up? Dr. Jubb doesn’t want you eating bananas or peanuts or cashews… i’ve got a bit of hypoglycemia, so carbs make me sleepy… any thoughts are well appreciated! thanks, tt


  • I know your not supposed to eat too many of these, but I really enjoy a yummy avocado!! It fills me, especially if with it i have some melon. SO GOOD!

    About the meat thing…I have a hard time as well…how do you feel about Sushi? I have cut meat out of my diet, but once in a while I will get a horrible craving and I reach for Sashimi (which is the raw fish, by itself with no rice) and it does the trick. I enjoy Salmon and Tuna the best! (the tuna reminds me of eating red meat!)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    the fear of not being full… i can SO SO relate. in my case (and i’ve heard a lot of similar reports), it just goes away. what about creamy dressings? you can add sunflower seeds to any batch and whip it in a blender… lemon, dill and tahini is my favorite combo at the moment. try some dehydrated “breads” and crackers—the onion bread is really good here.

    i think giving up flesh might be better over a course of time. have you read natalia rose’s books? she doesn’t recommend flesh eaters to give it up in one fell swoop, but gradually (if at all—here’s where i disagree with her… but to each her own).

    i was a HUGE fish fan until i read DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA and found out about how polluted most of the world’s fish are… so sad! all these pesticides and poisons we create just go into the water (and of course, the thought of eating something whose tissues contain that unfathomable fear from their death just totally doesn’t appeal to me anymore)... so, if you want that sea taste i’d go to the bottom of the food chain: SEAWEED. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. fresh sea noodles, dried dulse, arame, etc… maine sea coast varieties swear that they are organic and raw. oh and kombu! it’s like salty jerky! of course, this may be an acquired taste ;)

  • Hi! I find that nuts in my breakfast provide enough of a protein/fat portion to keep me satisfied. I usually have about 1/4 cup in Raw cereal or granola. I do find that I have a lot of energy after and have to do a solid workout to use some of it up.

    Tossing ground flax seeds into my green smoothies also helps. Basically, I try to include some natural fats in where I can.

    Also, a good rule for my transition has been to let myself indulge in a Raw treat, any one I want, whenever I’m not satisfied or am craving cooked foods.

  • Hi Brynn – thanks for the tips. i feel good about sushi & sashimi, but i’m going to make a run at not eating too much. But i’m heeding some of the transition advice i’ve been reading in other threads and from

    -Pianissima – you could really relate? ty! will definitely look into natalia rose’s books and seaweed noodles. much appreciated.

    -rediscoverrawfood – good tips. definitely the flax. ty for the advice.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Any high protein plant food will satisfy your meat cravings.

    I like spinach and kale and other protein rich foods for getting a “meaty” feel inside. I never thought that I would get this feeling from greens, it just seems impossible when you are on the other side of the fence looking in.

    Pate is good, I make an onion, pumpkin seed and walnut pate which tastes identical to chicken liver pate. Even confirmed meat eaters so so.

    Pumpkin seeds are good heavy food. I like burgers made of broccoli, snflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, with a little fennel seeds they are so authentic. I have shocked and fooled meat guzzling men with these!

    I love seaweed too. My favourite is sea spaghetti. It is so dense and filling and with a creamy sauce it is really just like pasta.

    Try these two steak (mushroom) recipes. They are very realistic. It is a “have to be tried to be believed” type of thing!



    Like others have said, I also believe that when you are transitionng you need to indulge in raw decadence as much as you want to. Spend more money on the food than normal. It is now your tool for transformation and well worth the investment.

    I was cooked vegan for over 10 years before I went raw.I never ate any greens or health food though, I mainly ate coffee and potatoes. I was vegan for spiritual/environmantal reasons not health. And I guiltily craved meat for all of those 10 years! It was only when I went raw and ate a decent amount of protein and mineral rich plant foods that the meat cravings disappeared. Now meat totally disgusts me, which because of my beliefs, is a blessed relief :)

  • I agree, definitely transition slowly- take it one step at a time- with that said though- dont overindulge just to overindulge.

    With regards to raw food dishes that are filling- most are. Dr. David Jubb teaches that one should eat till they’re 3/4 full not completely- better digestion. If you’re in nyc- you should try Jubb’s longevity- the anut salad and Hijiki casserole would be good things to try- that are created to taste like conventional dishes – anut is tuna spelled backwards. They’re very filling and good.

    Also, I thought it’s worth mentioning to consider and discern if you’re truly hungry or your hunger cravings are really a result of stress, emotionally, or spiritual roots and not physical hunger. Often times, many of us – including myself- crave food even we truly are not hungry.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Hi Zoe~ Are you going to just tease us with those yummy sounding things you make or are you going to post the recipes? ;-) The sea spaghetti you mentioned, is that something premade (if so, what brand do you like) or do you make it yourself (yes, recipe pls.)?

  • i say this ALL the time, but, here i go again… i really feel like juicing is the answer. not only will it fill you up, but its a great way to start out your journey because it will help with the detox process. you don’t have to juice fast, just start having at least two glasses of fresh juice everyday. i think it helps to ‘reset’ your tastebuds as well. also its very nutrient dense. if you aren’t going for 100% raw, miso soup is filling and yummy,( not raw but considered living food) you can add shiitakes and seaweed, and dehydrated mung bean sprouts if you want noodles.

  • Yes – Zoe – the pate sounds really good. I thought alot about what you said organicfoodaddict, in your last paragraph. that’s the journey i’m on. i’m thinking more about juicing stylistchick. thanks to everyone – i’m on the path. best, tt

  • What about a pizza addiction….how do I deal with THAT?!! :( I’m feeling really bummed right now cause I just ate two pieces….Delissio Deluxe…..I’ve given up coffee, meat (til I ate the pizza)...and pizza is the thing I miss the most and still cook for the family…they aren’t converted YET…we have nine children and some won’t even eat salad. So this is going to be a l-o-n-g process! But I hate failing and that is what I feel I’ve just done.

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    ahh….. pizza addiction. i had a mac ‘n cheese addiction… breaking any addiction or pattern of behavior takes time and A LOT of gentleness and love. forgive yourself for being human and susceptible to the allure of hot pizza. it is NOT a failing—it is merely one taste attraction of a possibility of millions. someday, you’ll be craving big green salads (this happened to me last week) and pizza will seem like a strange excuse for food. BUT, i really believe that the way to changing behaviors is not just cutting off the behavior that we are trying to get rid of completely, just lobbing it off with an ax and tossing it overboard… no, in my own experience, it helps to recognize the needs of the “pizza lover”, love that need and then let it go. ultimately this is what makes the change.

    in the meantime, i recommend getting rid of the word “fail” and thinking about everytime you eat as a new opportunity to love yourself and to eat something really good for you. so, if dinner was a “disaster”, then just let it go, observe how you feel and then start again with breakfast (or maybe even with a late-night snack!) the next day. if breakfast was pizza (and believe me, it has been for me), then just start again with lunch. i know it’s really not as simple as i’m making it sound, but learning how to love yourself is really the first step towards benefitting from any kind of healthy diet.

    and, yes, i will try to take my own advice. :) oh! and by the way, try introducing, very nonchalantly, raw foods to the kids. i tutor 4 junkfood eating kids who are now hooked on my nut supply and also eat dates for snacks. how cool!

  • Thanks so much…I really needed that!! I feel like I have failed in a big way today and it has had me in tears ever since. No, it wasn’t just the pizza (or the bottle of wine I polished off), in fact the pizza was a reaction to my other “failures” today. Your words really blessed me. Thanks so much Istorz!! Thanking God there is such a thing as “Tomorrow”!!!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie


    your decision to TRY is a SUCCESS. whenever i think of something i’ve done “wrong” i try to look at myself as an observer. would an outsider blame me for what i just did as much as i blame myself? probably not! so why do i have different standards for myself than for others? if you were observing yourself you would probably see someone who has made a very empowering decision about the way she wants to live her life, and would excuse her a few stumbles on the way. rome was not built in a day. you are trying to un-learn in a few _ (days, weeks?) what you have spent your entire life learning (i.e. unhealthy eating practices).

    when you set a goal for yourself, trust that something in you has shifted to allow the change to occur. this will be a gradual process. and the biggest effort will be your ability to patient. please, don’t get discouraged. and don’t turn back! =)

    have you considered some sort of mindfulness exercises? deep breathing? gentle yoga? i have found these sorts of eastern practices to help me tremendously helpful to help me forgive myself.

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