getting the coconut meat

Is there a special technique to get the coconut meat? Or just start diggin!?


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Do you mean out of a brown coconut or a green one?

    Brown ones are a pain! I go out on to the patio and smash it up into little bits with a hammer. Which handily doubles as a stress busting exercise too:)

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    For a brown coconut… First empty out the coconut’s water by poking into the holes with a screw diver hit by a hammer. Drain out water. Then put the coconut on a rock or hard surface, preferably outside. Gently, but firmly, begin tapping around an area of the coconut, rotate it, tap, tap, tap away, rotate, and continue doing this…the brown shell will eventually crack and fall off. You have to be patient, and it’s worth it to get the entire inside of the coconut in one round ball! :) If it doesn’t, and coconut remains attached to the shell, you can use either a butter knife or oyster shucker to pry the meat from the shell.

    A young coconut, once you open up the top and empty out the water, I take a spoon or a firm spatula, and start scooping out the meat. If you turn your spoon so the scoop is facing upwards, instead of towards the center of the coconut cavity, you can do more prying of the thicker meat. Make sure to scrape off any brown from the shell, with a knife, and throw away.

  • I watched a video a while ago that was really helpful for opening young coconuts. If i can find it again Ill put it up here. They used an ice cream scoop to get the meat out. You may have to clean up the meat a little once you scrape it out to get some of the brown off. But I think it works really well.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    awesome! thank you guys

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