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Hello fellow raw vegans! I’ve been raw now for about seven weeks this time. I was raw for pretty much all of 2004 then went back to cooked foods. Since that time, I discovered that I have a number of food allergies (wheat, soy, dairy) and am sensitive to sugar (cane, maple, corn) and dye. So, after several months of struggling with what to eat, what to eat and feeling like crap, I woke up one morning and decided I needed to be raw again. Last time, I was challenged with a low energy level, possibly because I wasn’t eating enough of the right types of foods. So, this time, after a little research, I decided to incorporate green smoothies into my diet. I hope this does the trick!

Being raw this time is so much easier. Maybe it’s because I’m more relaxed with it and know how to whip up something delicious in a matter of minutes. I found some new staples from the recipes on this site, as well. Maybe I can contribute some favorites from my files.

By the way, the picture was taken when I was raw in 2004 at the age of 45. I’m now 48… and since I resumed raw I pretty much look the same.

Anyway, I’m happy that this board exists!


  • PamPam

    Thanks, Candace.

    I like the recipes here because they are so quick. I’ve picked up several new recipes including the spicy walnut taco meat. I love it layered with mashed avocado and fresh salsa. I make the avocado kale salad that’s on here, too. It’s been a long time favorite of mine. Mock tuna is a new favorite, although it means I have to make carrot juice, and I’m not a big juice drinker. I OD’ed on Alissa Cohen’s stuffed mushroom recipe a few years ago. I use my julienne peeler to make fast work of nori rolls when I want something fun and substantial.

    Some of my simple meals are (1) avocado-tomato-dulse, (2) blended bananas-almond butter-cacao powder, (3) dried figs-and-olives. I love guacamole on anything (crackers, nori, celery, leaf) or nothing at all. I’ll give the guac more texture with sprouts or cucumber spears.

    I have a good Alfredo recipe that is out of this world that I’ll post. Also, when I have my special portobello mushrooms on hand, I make a quick pizza using flax seed crackers. I’ll post that recipe, too (although like a lot of recipes, it’s more art than science).

    I’d like to add more soup recipes to my repertoire. I’m not crazy about nut based soups… they seem too heavy. I have a favorite Thai coconut soup that is wonderful and, although it has a lot of ingredients, it doesn’t really take long to make. Carrot bread that I make from carrot pulp and dates is a great accompaniment to light soups.


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Pam:

    Welcome to Gone Raw, we’re glad you are here! So, what are your favorite recipes to whip up really quick? I still find myself making too many complicated recipes and not enough quick ones, but am learning more and more quick recipes here.

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