Food Combining

Hello felow Raw Foodists!

I’m trying to find a good food combining chart online. I haven’t been too happy with what I’ve found so far. The lists are not complete and many don’t mention common fruits & veggies. Has anyone found a good food combining chart online?


happy pluto


  • i would like to know more as well. checkout this website: It has a list of fruits (acid, sweet, subacid etc) and that has helped me not to combine them too much.

  • I don’t know any online food combining charts but I just wanted to say that the best food combining advice I have ever gotten is don’t combine fruits and fats. Unless you don’t mind having a gassy, bloaty belly! It was really hard for me at first because a major staple of my diet was avocado/fruit puddings but now that I’m used to it it’s really not that hard.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    The only information I can remember from a recipe book I have is that your taste buds will have a good idea what not to mix. It is like when you eat something and it doesn’t go well together. For example you eat a chocolate pie and then try to drink grapefruit juice. Many fruits don’t go with vegetables. I think tomato is the one fruit that is compatible with a lot of vegetables. Beginners raw food books have some good charts.

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