12 Sun dried tomatoes... How many cups?

Can anyone advise me on about how many cups of sun dried tomatoes 12 would come out to? I bought sun dried tomatoes that were cut up and have no idea how many pieces make up one tomato. I just put my raw pizza crust in the dehydrator and need to make the marinara sauce soon and don’t want to screw it up :)


  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i have no idea, (so this may be kind of a useless reply), but remember to taste as you go. screwing up raw food is really difficult because…well quite frankly because you’re not chemically altering the food, so it usually tastes pretty much the same as it does when you’re making it.

  • Good point, thanks. I’m going to start soaking the stuff for the marinara sauce now. I guess I’ll just go by taste.

  • put them on scale and weigh them 8oz is a cup

  • I got 12 sundried tomatoes into half a cup. Weighing them would be more exact.

  • 12 into half a cup? wow. i think i used like 20 then.

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