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Loving Sprouts & Living Food

Since growing and sprouting almost all the food I eat(about 70%Sprouts & 30%Raw Food) I feel such a renewed sense of being and energy. I know all the Love and Energy that goes into growing and making all the wonderful recipes they help me create; and I know my body thanks Me in return. Blessings, Mocha Here are some Pics. ^Some Sprouts basking in the sun b4 being Harvested^ ^The left one is layered w/WheatGrass & Sunflower and the right one is 4 diff. types of sprouts^ ^ Got to have the Kombucha thing going on – 7 days in.^ ^Some freshly Sprouted Quinoa^ ^And finally, a delicious meal made from sprouts(sprouted


  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    good on you! i haven’t tried sprouting yet, but i eat a lot of sprouts i get from a lady at the farmers market. they really do make me feel amazing.

    ps…whats on/under the zucchini? looks yummy

  • That would be a Herb infused Oil(1/2 Cucumber,fresh-basil&cilantro,splash of applecider vinegar, 1 tbsp of FlaxOil,Dash of paprika and some Lemon Juice. -Note: FlaxOil is the only extracted oil I use unless essential oils(for flavor).

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Well that’s enough to make your mouth water! Wish I was eating with you today! I love to sprout but I haven’t been doing to much lately- mostly wheat for essene breads. You have inspired me to get back at it!

  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    Your set-up looks great! You make it look so simple. ;-) I make rejuvelac. Is Kombucha similar? What are the benefits and how do you make it?

  • http://www.herbalremedies.com/prepkomtea.html ^Newbie, This website should give you all the instructions on how to culture your own^ Kombucha is wonderfully flavored tea, in which contains multiple healing properties(I know, probably sounds like a sales pitch, but it truly is wonderful). Also Hippocrates Health Institute discontinued their making of Rejuvelac for the fact is that the median(acid/alkaline base) sway to easy and unhealthy culture can form. -Hope this helps Mocha

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Hi Mocha, What is the dark green cracker that you have on the side of your plate? Your sprouts looks great! Do you use soil or just water in the bowl where you let your sprouts grow tall? Thanks…

  • Hmmmm . . . I should probably start adding sprouts to my green smoothies. Anyone got any good recipes?

  • Mocha are you sprouting chickpeas at all? I’ve been trying to sprout some and have found it to be tricky. I don’t have good sprouting equipment, just a colander and a dish towel. I can’t stop thinking that they’ve spoiled.

  • The Dark Green Crackers are a tweak on my Coco-Flax Crackers, but I’ll update and put the new recipie on their under “Green-Dragon Crackers”(Sounds Better :) -Also, to address your second question Rawmama, I use all 3 types of sprouting methods, but I hardly ever use soil. If I am using a sprout that needs a tray w/a soil medium, I will use vermicule in its place to stop the mess – but most-likely I am using the Automatic sprout life system for my sprouts(The sprout life can grow anything), W/ the water being diluted w/ a little Pink Salt for the trace Mins. I Abosolutly love garbanzo beans Elizabeth! The best way to sprout them is to buy a sprout bag($8) and soak them 8-10hrs in that, and then hang the bag somewhere w/good ventilation and continue to moisten thoroughly when the bag gets dry.

  • Wow that all looks so good. I know elizabethh asked what was under you zucchina but can you tell me what is on top?

  • Yep .. This is actually funny, since elizabeth just asked about chickpeas, but I actually ran out of them and made this instead. *Almond Hummus:

    -A good amount of Sprouted Almds(about 1-1&1/2Cs)

    -1/4 Flax Oil

    -1or2 Tsp of red Miso(depends on the Person, I do 2.

    -Fresh lemon juice(from about 1 small lemon).

    -Pinch of Cayenne & Pink Salt

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