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Chris and I are beside ourselves with excitement. We have launched our new Raw Food Delivery Service.

We decided not to spend our last few months here in the UK twiddling our thumbs and go ahead with our original plans and so we now offer a Raw Delivery Service.

It is something we have been wishing for for the last 3 years…raw curry, bread, soup, puddings and more, straight to your door, mmmmm!

Order and read more on our website:



  • Congratulations, Zoe and Chris! I just looked at your site and the menu seems absolutely scrumptious! Too bad for me I’m not in the UK or I’d be ordering my dinner from you now. Best of luck in this new endeavor.

  • Thanks Yammy girl.

    We’ll be moving to the USA soon and taking Purely Raw with us, we’ll make you dinner then!

  • It’s not often that we in little UK get something wonderful, and innovative, in the raw food world before the US, so you’ll have to allow for my excitement here!

    In my first year of raw, I’ve sampled all sorts of rawcuisine, but….it’s so often included non-raw/heat-treated/cooked/however you define it ingredients, and, although I’ve loved the food, and realise most people are fine with the nama shoyu, the nutritional yeast etc, I’ve always felt just a tad disappointed, feeling that it shouldn’t be beyond the best raw chefs to make delicious raw meals completely from raw ingredients.

    Anyhow, I’ve been on a HIGH for days because I placed an order with Chris and Zoe of purelyraw.com (for research reasons, you understand :-)), and the food that arrived was the best rawcuisine I’ve EVER tasted.

    Onion pate – not only the best raw pate I’ve ever had, but I think the best pate fullstop. I hope it won’t worry anyone if I say that it actually had a meaty taste (let’s say vague memories from the past!), which I think comes from the combination of walnut and oregano. My non-raw, occasionally meat-eating husband, LOVED it (the ultimate accolade!).

    The pasta alfredo – well, I’ve made courgette ‘pasta’, but somehow Chris and Zoe actually got it to REALLY look, feel and taste like linguini, and served it in a delicious creamy sauce. The apple pie – well, you know sometimes you see a raw recipe for ‘apple pie’, and it’s basically…a puree. Well, the purelyraw apple pie IS an apple pie. And, last but – oh, not least –date syrup, sold in jars. Agave nectar (even the raw) is debatably raw, honey isn’t vegan, so sweeteners have been a problem, but date syrup is the answer. Husband popped his finger into it and said ‘it’s toffee!’.

    The minimum order has been priced to match the cost of, say, a Chinese take-away in the UK, and you do get so much food that you could easily impress and fill up a family, whether raw or not, and, believe me, this is the sort of food that could make non-raw people very receptive to finding out more about raw, and feel less ‘worried’ about the food we’re eating!

    After imploring Chris and Zoe not to leave the UK the good news is that, although they will be leaving for the US shortly, the UK food delivery will continue, under their direction, and they’re looking forward to launching the service in the US. Oh America, you are in for a TREAT!

  • thanks Debbie, glad you liked it all, we are so pleased with the response we get when we feed people. This really is the best job in the world!

    We really appreciate your support.

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