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My mother was put in the hospital this week with a severe infection (similar to ecoli) from diverticulitis, something that runs in the family. My grandma has it, my mother, and so do I. I have tried time and time before to explain to my mom the hazards of eating meat and dairy because of the pouches in the colon, but she just doesn’t want to believe me. I mean don’t get me wrong, my mother is very healthy compared to the average American, but she is always sick because of her horrible stomach. I was in the same boat, but when I went raw, the pain, the bloating, and the ER visits just went away. When I was talking with her today, I brought up the topic again and pointed out that the infection was probably caused by a bacteria growth from something stuck in one of the pouches of the colon (which is what the doctor said also) and that if she wouldn’t eat things that can rot with in short periods of time, her chances of getting this sick again would be slim to none. I mean think about it, you let veggies sick in you garbage disposal for 3 days and nothing really happens, but if you let meat or milk sit there it will rot and form horrible bacteria growths. It just makes since to me that it would do the same in your stomach. Am I crazy for thinking this? The doctor however, told my mother that it is caused from nuts and popcorn and that saying it was caused from anything else (such as meat or dairy) is most likely not true. So I was just curious if anyone has any extended knowledge on this topic, or past experiences… all info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • I hope to find out more about this too. My brother is suffering from diverticulitis too. I told he and my sister-in-law he should try a raw diet, but my SIL said raw fruits and vieggies aggravate it. How could this be? There must be a way to get him on a better diet... I can hardly imagine that the alternative is BETTER?? Did your doctor tell you this too? Was there anything special you ate when you had it? I'm wondering what I could make my brother. He can't seem to keep anything down.

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