Candida and Nutritional Yeast

Does anyone know if nutritional yeast is a problem for those who have candida issues? Also, my reason for beginning a mostly raw food journey is to achieve an alkaline ph status in my system. How does nutritional yeast, and many of the ingredients used in raw “cooking” help or hinder that quest?


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    What I understand is that cooked food is acid forming and raw food is not.

    Well, some raw foods are slightly acid forming but not at problematic levels. The problems is cooked food, especially meat, dairy and caffeine.

    If you are eating high raw or 100% raw you should become more alkaline.

    Just quitting meat, dairy and caffeine will bring you into a much more alkaline state.

    Nutritional yeast isn’t raw so I would not believe it to be of any help in an alkalising raw food diet. The other non raw items some people still use in raw food recipes would also be more acid forming than the really raw ingredients.

    I have not eated nutritional yeast for 2 years. I don’t miss it one bit and my cheeze tastes great without it :)

  • From what I understand, nutritional yeast is not a problem for those with candida. It is not the same sort of yeast that is causing the problem. So, you won’t be adding to your problems by eating it if you chose too.

  • if you want to be alkaline you should be drinking lots of green juice..very very alkalizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay away from high sugar or mix your fruit and greens and make green smoothies!!!!!!!!

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