Teflex vs. Parchment paper

I often see recipes that use Teflex sheets. I have only used parchment paper and I was wondering if I would get the same results. Parchment paper tends to dehydrate the food faster without flipping the food. Will I be missing out on “something” if I do not use Teflex sheets?


  • you know I’ve only used teflex, but at the rawfood classes here in olympia they use parchment.

  • I think the thing about the teflex is how easy it is to use. The sheets are the size of the trays and it stays put.

    If you don’t mind using the parchment then you probably aren’t missing out on anything. I never had parchment paper around so I used plastic wrap. What a pain! I love my teflex sheets and will buy more soon (I only bought 4 to see if I liked them).

  • i looked for the teflex sheets at bob red food mill-it has everything but not those.anyway-i got parchment paper and finally used it last nite when i made up crackers. i spread the mixture thin and after about one hour in the dryer -i turned them over to ahve the raw cracker on the food dryer surface.this morning-the parchment paper was disconected and had come off the cracker and i did not have to pull them off or anything.sort of cool.i don’t know if this is how to do it.but it sure worked good.

  • joescjoesc Raw Master

    I am happy to know you can use parchment paper because I cannot find teflex paper to save my life.

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    I use parchment paper but will eventually purchase teflex. I coat my parchment with a small spreading of coconut or olive oil (depending on what I’m dehydrating) because I’ve had my food stick to the parchment and I can’t peel it off. The little bit of oil always works.

    I always have to cut the parchment to fit the trays and I always oil the parchment, so knowing how much I like to dehydrate, teflex is a good purchase. I believe I’ll have to order it on-line somewhere.


  • I just attending a raw food “cooking” class yesterday. The lady who was teaching used parchement paper that she found that was cut to the same size as the Excalibur. I can find out from her where to buy them if you like. She said they were very reasonable priced and worth it to her because she did not like washing the teleflex sheets because she has a very small sink.

  • Here is the website for those parchment paper that fits the Excalibur.


  • For those who are having trouble finding Teflex--try searching for “ParaFlexx” instead. Excalibur changed their product last year-now, instead of the “Teflex” sheets, they make two types of “ParaFlexx” sheets. There are disposable ones (like parchment paper, but pre-cut) and reusable silicone ones (which replace the reusable Teflex sheets). The reusable ones are now called “ParaFlexx premium”.

    Hope this helps! I have to say, I have the ParaFlexx premium sheets, but I prefer plain old parchment paper. I like that I can cut it to the size of whatever I am dehydrating.

  • joescjoesc Raw Master

    Thanks, I will look for that.

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