Old Gost has landed amongst yall

oh yea honey I’m baaak from the other side of time. I’m all about it. all you frightened shiverin children out here Hault yer sadness. Heaven on Earth is coming fast. baby baby baby baby. If you were born into blackness would you ever imagine a thing like the sun. I tell you the prophecy of heaven is coming you can’t imagine. If you had no toungue could you imagine the deliciosness of a mango rapsperry concoction, or a kiss with dancing toungues releasing the sweetest raw foodist saliva . yo honey its here. the graduation all bob marleys gandis mlks would have died if there childrens children could even smell the scent of heaven coming to Earth.
im not complex or abstract about it which makes me so so genuine heres a quick formula free food clothing shelter education for the whole world, oh we cant afford it well GOD alsays says I look a lot like robin hood.hinter. peace you peaceful playiz on Gods game on Earth have fun feel your heart beat now thenI’m gost

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