Dehydrator Non-Stick Sheets ?

Hello one & all :)

I just purchased an used 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator. I’d like to make fruit leather & crackers. As far as I understand, I need to purchase non stick sheets.

What do you all use?

What kind do I choose?

Teflon vs. Silicone ? Re-useable vs. Disposable ? If using Re-useable, should I get a sheet for each tray (= 9) OR is that over doing it?

As yet, I lack knowledge of how much I would make of a recipe, and don’t know the quantity a typical recipe makes (i.e. cracker recipe, fruit leather).

I have no clue how long such items stay fresh? which would all determine if I’d only end up using a few trays at a time or all 9.

Any advice & suggestions for me?

I’d welcome your input,

Thanks for your time, ~Sara :)


  • I use parchment paper, it dries the food faster (on both sides) and I don’t have to flip it over. Typically, I would think dehydrated food can last 1 to 2 weeks (maybe more). But, it depends on the food you dehydrate and how long you dehydrate for.

  • I use the Excalibur teflex sheets. They work really well. I have 6 for a 5-tray (the folks at Excalibur were nice and added an extra sheet to my order).

  • Thanks Germin8 & Kandace!

    Hey, that was really nice of the Excalibur company!

    I guess parchment paper would be much cheaper though.

    My son is going on an encampment, and he would like to take some raw snacks along. I didn’t know if I could make them ahead of time. Really helps to know that cracker’s ‘n such will last more than a few days :)

    Thanks again!

  • ZoeZoe

    Those Exalibur sheets are pricey, we just use cling film, I think Americans call it saran wrap, it does just fine, sometimes I worry about the chemicals in the plastic though.

  • Similarly, we would have to worry about the teflon in teflex.

    BTW, it is recommended to use unbleached parchment paper (not white).

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