Guess what my doctor did today!

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Guess what my doctor did today!


  • That’s insane! Banning naturopathy. Which state is that?

    Is it possible for you to switch to another doctor?

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    Naturopathy is outlawed there? what state is that? Are there any practitioners of Chinese Medicine around you? Sometimes my chinese doctor here in CA ships herbs to people who are in places where they can’t get good herbal treatment…

    I totally agree with and understand the frustration and how insulted you must feel by this doctor. I remember a story about a lady who had some problem with her leg, and her doctor wanted to amputate it, she didn’t want to do that or take medication, instead she wanted to use chinese medicine. The doctor actually took her to court to try to force her to let him amputate her leg… well during the time it took for the process of the court to happen, the herbs healed her leg! don’t think he had much of a case in court after that lol

    A similar thing actually happened with a family member… She had a large tumor in her uterus, and the western doctor wanted to amputate her whole uterus. She refused and took chinese medicine, and the tumor disappeared.

    I’m so happy that you are on raw foods and on your path towards health. If I were you I would be happy that my doctor was that insistent and audacious, because I would be all the more motivated to see the look on his face when I heal myself and prove to him how wrong he is. I can imagine how humbling that would be (or ought to be) and even enlightening when he sees that you are healed, by your intuition of natural health and not his ignorance.

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    Wow. Very different from los angeles, there’s homeopathic/holisitic/natural health places popping up ALL over the place. The only problem is that alternative medicine isnt covered by insurance but they don’t make it flipping Illegal.

    Well in that case that does really suck that your doctor is like that. If only he could help you instead of be stubborn and cause such unnecessary inconvenience.

  • Here’s an article about how niacin compares to statins:…

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    Is this a common thing? Because I never heard of something like this. Anyway, I think this is the consequence of people getting a medical degree too easy. I think only the ones who are really motivated to work in the medical sector, and truly do it with passion should become healthcare or medical workers.


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