Coconut (how to open & can one use shredded?)

When a receipe calls for Coconut Meat, can shredded coconut be substituted?

If so, on average, how much meat does a coconut have?

What’s the trick to opening a coconut?



  • Check out the coconut lesson discussion thread on here. There’s one or two others that might help, as well!

  • PamPam

    It’s probably young Thai coconut, Sara, not the hard dry brown coconut. Take a look at my recipe for Thai Coconut Soup and you will see directions for how to open them and where to buy them. The biggest trick is having the right tool. For me, it’s a heavy cleaver because it give me more control than a knife.

  • Ray: thanks, once again, for leading me in the right direction :)

    Pam: the soup sounds awesome. I just checked it out.

    However, what is ‘Clever’ ?

    Thanks to you both!

  • PamPam

    A cleaver is a big square knife. I have the Henckels International classic stainless steel meat cleaver. Look for it on for around $60. But you can also use a big butcher knife. I just feel safer with a cleaver because it’s shorter and if I’m going to attack a coconut in my kitchen, I want to make sure I don’t miss! Also, the cleaver makes fast work out of chopping vegetables… I feel like a chef.

  • Thanks for explaning, Pam

    Bless you :)

    Good night

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