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My very good friend was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just a few weeks ago. She is a vegetarian/emerging vegan. She’s also only 23 years old, and a mother of 2. The doctors immediately did surgery and removed a goose egg sized tumor from her throat. She had one chemo treatment too, much against what she wanted.

She went back in yesterday and found out the cancer spread to hear lymph nodes. They want to do another biopsy, more chemo, and possibly more surgery. She NEVER wants the chemo again – she was psychologically and emotionally freaked out the by the process, and the thought of taking radiation into her body (the very thing that most likely caused the cancer in the first place).

Because she knows I’ve been and am still working on being a raw foodist, she called me. I’m not the most proficient in raw foods though! I didn’t eat them to save my life, but to lose weight and feel better, and for spiritual reasons as well.

So I was wondering if any of you have or know anybody who has healed themselves of cancer through raw food. She is wanting to forego all treatment and try raw food.

Any suggestions for books or programs or ANYthing??


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think you are best off trying the Hippocrates Institute, they’ve been treating people wth cancer for decades. And maybe The Tree of Life, which is Gabriel Cousen’s place.
    Also there is a great blog and DVD by a young woman who has cancer, called “Crazy Sexy Cancer”. She is really friendly and accesible, i.e. she will most likely reply to your friend if she emails her.

    Her website

    Her Blog:

    You say radiation probably caused her cancer, do you mean she had radiation in the past?

    All positive thoughts and special prayers to her, and you.

  • ZaZa Raw Newbie

    Been there. Can I help your friend?

  • Buy Dr. Lorraine Day’s video, Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore. Excellent. drday.com

  • Get your friend to look up online and buy some Essiac tea. It is an anti cancer herb. Read about Rene Caisse and how she discovered it.

  • I would do everything the conventional doctor recommends, plus eat healthy (all vegan and high raw). Cancer is serious business, especially when it starts to spread.

  • My early stage cancer was healed with raw foods and other natural remedies. Please encourage your friend to believe God will heal her, and check out this website: www.hacres.com

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie


    I am so sorry to hear about your friend and I am sure her predicament is weighing heavy on your mind. I too have a friend who just learned that she had very advanced cancer, with tumors on her brain, stomach and liver. It is such a difficult thing to contend with – to see someone who you thought was just fine and to discover they are in serious trouble. It drives home the point that our lives are precious and tenuous. I wish the best for your friend and know you are doing everything you can to help her through this ordeal.

  • I have had 2 breast lumps. You can read my before and after pictures and story at
    http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2007/09/jenn… It talks about the lumps and how raw helped me.

  • michigan romanmichigan roman Raw Master

    theres a great thread on cancer at www.rawfoodtalk.com , from that page click on 30 day challenge to get to forums . in the forums use search icon at top of page , type ‘in cancer , calling all angels’ .
    it is a long thread containing ALOT of excellent links and opinions from people into natural healing / raw / herbs / etc .

  • Many vegetarians compensate for the no meat by eating a lot of dairy—afterall doctors have been saying dairy is good for your. They list a recommended amount each day.

    After reading a lot (including The China Study) and experimenting with my raw foodness, I believe dairy is more detrimental to your health than meat. Given the choice of eating dairy or meat, I’d choose meat.

    I say this because I have a friend with breast cancer who shuns the idea of veganism because she read on the internet that there are plenty of vegetarians who get cancer….people see what they want to see.

    I recently read a book on Gerson Therapy by Gerson’s daughter. Each chapter mentions a specific individual’s story. One man (a taxidermist) had a large tumor in his throat. Since he was given a poor prognosis with traditional therapies, he believed he had nothing to lose by trying Gerson’s. Within two months or so, the tumor in his throat died. He said it smelled worse than anything in his work.

    He stayed on Gerson’s for a year and has remained cancer free ever since.

    Gersons involves drinking 12 or 13 glasses of fresh vegetable or fruit juice a day, taking potassium pills to help remove salts, and doing enemas.

    It sounds much like Hypocrates Institute and ph therapy.

    Good luck to your friend. I hope she finds the right path; and I hope that she’ll be back here to help others in need of help.

  • Hello there,

    Many people have healed from cancer with raw. It is totally possible. Of course your friend should not let the doctors scare her into any more chemo or any drugs. It is the last thing her body needs now.

    She needs lots of pure raw vegan foods and lots of rest and relaxation while she heals.

    It would be awesome if she could go here:




  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I’d like to know if anyone has good websites or book suggestions so I can learn more about this topic.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Yes, lots of people I know of that are cancer-free or in remission because of raw and other natural treatments. My cousin is in remission through raw, too. I don’t know all about their particular treatments, but I do know the thing that is common is tons of greens/juicing. Keep us posted.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Great resource for her—”Healing Cancer” DVD available from www.ravediet.com. We all have cancer—we just have healthy immune systems that wall it off and destroy it daily. It’s only visible when more than a billion cells decide to hang out together. Conventional symptom treatment is to cut it out—but it will always return somewhere else if the immune system is not strengthened. She doesn’t need to rush as most $ grubbing cancer docs would have her believe. Let her read, research and decide—patience and help.A medical doctor today is not allowed to give patients ANY other option besides surgery meds, chemo and radiation!!! She will not find her answer there. Most importantly—cancer is a slow growing disease. She does indeed have time, but chemo will weaken her immune system and shorten her life considerably. i couldn’t feel stronger having watched my husband’s best friend die of Leukemia just 5 days after diagnosis—he died of a massive lung bleed caused from the treatment, not the cancer. In my own family, there are so many stories like this. The treatment killed them all, not the cancer. Crazy Sexy Cancer girl embodies LIVING with cancer, vs. dying from it—love her.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    skyspice, I just realized you began this in November. It’s been a while. I highly suggest the following supplements and a diet that consists entirely of fruit until the cancer gets better. Your frind really will be glad she tried these supplements if she does. The key is to clean out the colon, the colon is everything.

    Garden of Life Primal Defense

    Garden of Life Perfect Food

    Sun Chlorella

    Enzymatic Therapy Mega-Zyme

  • Spotted this post, had to reply, in my lap is a book, Cancer is a Fungus, by Dr Simoncini, Oncologist, a revolution in tumour therapy. This guy has been curing cancers in Italy for over twenty years, wait for it, with sodium bicarbonate. I’ve seen a video on his website cancerfungus.com were he simply washes the cancer cells away from lungs and colon. To reach the deepest corners of the body a small catheter has to be inserted into the arteries supplying the neoplastic masses, (tumour) within days the cancer collapses. The doses of sodium bicarbonate are harmless, they have been used for over 30yrs for a large number of other complaints, the procedure can be carried out at home. Cheerio for now.

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