Hi - new and have question

Hi…I put this in another place under comments in a recipe, then decided it would be seen here faster. Sorry.

Wondering if when you say raw you mean you do not cook it afterwards at all? I know raw food and know they are good but see so much here with a dehydrater which I do not own. Do you ever just


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Got to keep the food under 115/118 farenheit. Raw foodists don’t use cookers or ovens because they cook the food higher than that temp…some use an oven on very low with the door open if they don’t have a dehydrator as a temporary measure.

    You get used to the cold food thing. Sometimes you can heat up your plate by running it under the hot water, or put something in the dehydrator to warm a little.

    After being raw for so long, if I have hot cooked food now, it makes my mouth blister, which really stops me from cheating lol!

  • Raw/cold food really kills certain cravings too. I find that if I eat cooked/hot food again I crave ice cream like you wouldn’t believe. Its just my body crying out like: Why is it so hot? ... Cold water would probably work just as well though lol.

    So, yeah, you definitely get used to things being room temp or cool. Although with a dehydrator you can get things to be warm. You could also let stuff sit outside in the sun. I’ve never done that, but I imagine you’d need something to keep the bugs and animals away.

    I used to love everything piping hot, but now I notice that hot things have almost no taste! All I can “taste” is the heat—all the diverse flavors have been cooked out. :( The only thing I haven’t gotten used to yet is cool soups… I’ve heard you can warm the water first before adding it to the rest of the recipe (not above 115 degrees of course). I have yet to try it.

    Sorry, I’ve got no help for meat substitutes. I never make them cause I didn’t like meat in the first place lol.

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