Juiceman & other Juicers

I was given a Juiceman and like it. But I realize that it doesn’t juice as well as the Omega and other’s of similar class.

When a receipe calls to juice something, it mentions to use blank plate, or to homogenize, etc.

I’m not sure if I can use my Juiceman or should I use my VitaMix instead and just blend?

Can anyone guide me?

I appreciate your time helping me! :)


  • As your Juicemen does basically the same as your Vitamix I’d say: put it in the Vitamix.

    If you had a GreenLife or something like that then the answer would be: it depend on what you want to, Usually high speeds/rotations destroy some of the vitamins.

    What you should also think of when doing a mix: if you drink whatsoever (except water of course) we/you we circumvent the first step in the carbohydrate digestion in our mouth…

    Btw: that’s something I have to remind me continuously because I would love to drink my breakfirst, my lunch, my dinner …. :-)

  • Hi Sara! You might also find this discussion about juicers helpful.

  • PamPam

    Hi Sara,

    The blank plate will take your ingredients and turn them into a very smooth paste. I don’t think you will get quite the same effect with a Vitamix and it might need a little liquid to get the blades to move. But you could give it a try. I have a KTec Total Blender, which is a high powered blender like the Vitamix. If I didn’t have a blank plate on my Green Star, I might just use my food processor instead and let it run a little longer. The food processor seems easier than the KTec when I’m not adding liquid.

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