Bloat and hair loss


I am in need of some help/answres. I have been 100% raw for 8 months now and have maintained a very visual bloated stomach. I try to stay away from dried fruits, I eat nuts a couple times a week, but when I do it’s a somewhat massive amount. Also, my amount of hair loss increased dramatically. Any suggestions as to how I could rid my bloat and hair loss problem?
anything helps.



  • Matt Monarch of talks about gaseous cell detoxification in his latest newsletter. He talks about the bloat, hair loss and occasional sulphur “burps” that some raw foodist experience. I found this article quite informative. You seem to have a lot of the symptoms that he talks about. If you go to his site and sign up for the free newsletter I think you can then read the archives. Be well.

  • Thanks! very helpful :D

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