Raw Food: Vaccuum Packing & Travel

germin8germin8 Raw Master

Last month, I was on an 8-day business trip. My husband and I bought a FoodSaver to pack my dehydrated food (blueberry pancakes & mexi-patties, all germinated nuts, grains & fruit) and take with me on the plane trip.

Well, we were not sure if vaccuum packing was a good idea… or if it even keeps the food fresh… so, we we found ourselves asking lots of questions!

We do know vaccuum packing is not a substitute for the refrigerator, so I kept things iced. (Ice, from one of the food shops in the airport, passed security.) We do not want bacteria to start growing. The food is less likely to be oxidized (of course), but I still wonder if it is “safe” to eat. It may be more safe to eat dehydrated food that is vaccuum packed… but I do not know that it is safe to eat germinated nuts, grains, seeds (non-dehydrated) vaccuum packed when they should be stored in water! Any ideas on this? Is it safe to vaccuum pack? When is it not safe to vaccuum pack?

Not to mention… does the X-ray at airport security do anything to the food?



  • PamPam

    I’m not sure if I have any answers, maybe just more questions. I travel for business so this is a topic of interest for me.

    I noticed that you bought ice on the other side of security. Will they not let you bring ice packs? I just ordered a terrific little carry on cooler and it never occured to me that I couldn’t use ice packs.

    Had you thought about dehydrating the nuts after they are soaked? They would still need to be soaked again for creamy recipes, but it would take less time. I would think that you could carry then vacuum packed, however. You can store them in the ‘fridge drained for a couple of days, so I don’t see that this would be any different… and maybe better because the food is sealed.

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  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Will they not let you bring ice packs?

    Well, I never tried to bring my own ice in, but the shops past security will gladly give you free ice.

    Had you thought about dehydrating the nuts after they are soaked?...You can store them in the ‘fridge drained for a couple of days…

    Yes, I did do that. The dehydrated food survived, and I did not get sick from food poisoning or whatever hehe. And, all the dehydrated food smelled good. But the food that was not dehydrated I didn’t want to eat even though it smelled fine. Good point about, storing them in the dridge drained for a few days; I’ve never done that. Maybe it is okay, but I would only be okay with it if it was kept cool.

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