Hi! I'm the new RAW cheerleader

I am so happy to be here! Sorry, I have just been sitting on the bench, scoring recipes, won by the hard work of the rest of the team. I have filled a small three ring binder with some of the best recipes out there, ie. format, pictures, variety, printability, etc. I love this site, siily me, I thought it was just about recipes. I decided to comment on some of the bread recipes I recently tried, and found myself here. There was something wrong at the introduction thread, so I will wait til later to formally introduce myself, but I did do the profile, no pic, just RAW cheers to all. I have used up all my internet time for now. I will post soon about how I varied the variation of some of the breads. One that I made gave me an idea for a veggie pulp Jerky,, it wasn’t very bread, cracker, or wrap like. For those who miss chewing on something leathery, it is similar in texture to pita, only chewier,and all fiber of course, could be jazzed up with garlic, black pepper, ginger,( teryaki-ish). I leave you with that thought.


  • Hi, I’m back. Long Thanksgiving weekend. I am not sure what I expected of myself for my first raw holiday, but didn’t have an agenda, other than not getting sick, raw or not. I ate some of the traditional foods, because my children did all the cooking, and I had to be proud of them. I am glad to be here as part of this forum, thamk you for allowing me to just jump in. I am here to learn from others; and to share from my little raw experience, and many years of love for raw and fresh new food ideas, as well as nutrition, and foodie-ism. This is a great forum for the new and seasoned raw foodie. My hat’s off to the organizers for making it so user friendly.

  • Hey there! Just so you know, I found the problem you were having with the introduction area of the forums… oops. That’s at the top of my list of fixes to do, when I get some time! Thanks for pointing it out, and welcome to the conversation!

  • Welcome to the board! Looking forward to your recipes :-D

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