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So happy to be here!

Hi everyone! I’ve been vegetarian &/ or vegan in different variations since 1989. I went about 80% raw 4 days ago and have already begun to see a significant impact on my energy level, appearance, sinuses and overall disposition. I’ve always been fit but I DEFINITELY have been looking for something that would take me to a whole new level in ALL areas of my life. I believe the cliche of ‘you are what you eat’ and I truly believe in eating the ‘raw food’ way but had never taken the step. Here I am.

I love this site and all the recepies and I will definitely start trying them out as soon as I get to Tokyo (I’m moving there in 2 days for a new contract). I’m looking fwd to being more of the person I’ve always dreamt I could be.


  • PamPam

    Hi Inaia. Wow, Tokyo! That will be very exciting. Lots of new challenges. Be sure to tell us how easy (or difficult) it is to be raw in Tokyo. I haven’t been there yet but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. One of the first things that cleared for me when I went raw (the first time) was my sinuses. And I was definitely in a better mood. It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t experience raw…. but the food makes you happy! Good luck on your journey.


  • Hi Pam. Thx for the response. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes in here in Tokyo. Are you 100% raw?

    I would love to hear about people’s experiences regarding 100% raw vs 80% or some other percentage.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Inaia: Welcome to Gone Raw! I spent a summer working in Tokyo and just loved it…you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

  • PamPam

    Yes, Inaia, I’m 100%. I’ve never tried a lesser percentage. I did 100% for a year then fell off. Currently, I’m raw since Jan 25. Lots of people have great success with less than 100%. But I don’t think I have the discipline to do that, at least not right now. I’d fill that 20% non-raw with vegan donuts or something! ;o) I do include frozen and probably more dehydrated than I should, so I consider myself less than a purist. As I evolve, I hope to get those percentages down. Plus, I pay very little attention to folks who say to eliminate salt, chocolate, dates, cashews, bananans, agave, etc., etc. I’m going to let my body tell me when to let these things go.

    Is your goal to be 100%?

  • Hi Kandace! Thanks for the welcome. :) I really love Tokyo. I’ve been here 5 or 6 time before mostly for 3-6 months @ a time b/c that’s how my contracts work. What were you doing in Tokyo?

    Pam, thx so much for the insight.

    So My first couple days in Tokyo, I was really good! Yesterday, however, I had one large meal and it was more cooked stuff than raw- plus I drank a Bloody Mary. Back on today. In a while I’m going to this restaurant I love in Roppongi Hills that makes a great Spinach Garlic salad. I may also try to find a Buddhist restaurant I saw listed that is walking distance from my new apartment.

    The party I sang was a total blast, BTW. I'm feeling totally great & totally home here in Tokyo. I am certain this is exactly where I’m want to be right now. that’s a good feeling.

  • Pam, thx for the answer. I’ve been adjusting to arriving in a city where I’ve never had to look for raw food before. I LOVE being back in Tokyo and I feel like I’m home. This is my third day of upping my raw percentage to a minimum of 90%. This is partially prompted by an intense reaction I’ve had to the dryness & pollen here. I thought I had some horrible cold or flu ( and I NEVER get sick) but it turned out to be sinus problems due to the extreme dryness here. I immediately went to 90% raw. I had been doing between 50%-80% since I got here and started finding my way around again.

    I’m with you on the salt & bananas? Why would one want to eliminate bananas?

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hi! That sounds exciting to go to Tokyo. The other day I saw this raw version of a virgin bloody mary, I didn’t write it down because I don’t like bloody mary. Sorry, I remember it had tomatoes, radishes and celery. I understand the pollen issue it is terrible during the summer.

    I understand eliminating (unraw)chocolate because hershey products may taste good but not good for you (dreaming…....yum chocolate). I don’t understand eliminating bananas or all dates. Some dates are not raw (check), agave and cashews are not raw(check).

    To eliminate salt is a really strict diet wow! I can understand lowering the consumption but to eliminate it that is crazy. What’s wrong with sea salt(uncheck,scratching head)? What’s wrong with bananas (uncheck, scratching head again), I don’t like it but I try to put it in my diet because it has potassium.

  • Welcome Inaia~ I’m new here too. I also do about 90-95% raw. I still eat bread, albeit sprouted and low temp cooked, but I really love bread. And I still eat cooked chocolate.

    Is it easier to be raw in Tokyo? Or harder? DO you eat raw fish?

  • Thx for the response, Josec. Thx for the idea of the virgin bloody mary. I LOVE those. I have been eating salads & avocados, bell peppers, bananas, strawberries, grapefruit, asparagus, tomatoes & stuff like that.

    Welcome, Skyespice. So to answer your question, Skyespice: I’m vegan- so no raw fish for me. What about you?

    I definitely intend to keep eating bananas & salt etc in appropriate amounts.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Inaia, I saw you asked for people’s experiences on 100% or less raw, so I have to put my tuppence worth in! I found anything less that 100% really hard. For a years and a half I journeyed from about 50% to 100%.

    At the start I thought I was about 80% raw but then found out a lot of what I was eating wasn’t raw, so in reality I was about 50% raw.

    So I eliminated all the non raw stuff one by one. Coffee was by far the hardest for me to let go of.And the one I am most glad I have got rid of :)

    I found that even if I ate 1% cooked it would give me cravings for other cooked food. When I was 99% raw and just having a cup of roosboch tea with soya milk in the morning (weaning off coffee!) I would have dreadful cravings for junk food all day. As soon as I cut that last little cup of tea out, the cravings have gone. Now I only crave stuff if I am very very emotional, you know, if a disaste happens or something!This doesn’t really happen often and now I feel I am home and dry!

    So I think that being 100% is the easiest way to be raw, simply because the cravings go, and the high kicks in.

    Re- Salt, I know a lot of people on here say to cut it out, but I have read things,(and there is a book out all about it can’t remember the name of it though) which says salt is one of the best things for you, it contains all kinds of minerals and is essential. I know that anmals have to have it, that’s why a cow has a salt lick in her field. I eat the good stuff – pink Hymalayan or sea salt. Some say it slows down the detox which may be handy, so I am a little confused, it seems for every “no” there’s a “yes” that is equally convincing.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    How’s Tokyo these days, Inaia?

    What were you doing in Tokyo?

    I spend a summer in Tokyo directing an English camp for kids. In between camps, I stayed in hotels around Tokyo and had a bit of free time to travel. This was 3 or 4 years ago. At the time, I was vegetarian and found it hard to navigate ordering out so much. I’m sure having a kitchen would have changed things! How’s raw vegan going there?

  • Zoe, thx so much for the input. I’m actually not having trouble with the cravings right now so it’s pretty easy to stay raw & IO only eat cooked once or twice a week when I need some beans or something due to the fact that I can’t find raw nuts & seeds or some things like that.

    Kandace, Tokyo is pretty awesome these days. Raw has been ok b/c I have an apt but I don’t know too much about raw or about how to get many things here in Tokyo. I end up eating lots of salads w/ avocado & bell peppers & onion & cabbage. I also eat bananas & strawberries & mango & apples…Once or twice a week, I’ll eat something cooked b/c it is a bit limited diet w/o raw nuts & seeds & I’m a bit scared about not getting enough of what I need. maybe it’s ignorance but I also used to be anorexic many years ago and since I am eating so much less, it’s easy to gain momentum & not want to eat on purpose. Also been through some very emotional turmoil this past weekend.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I hope everything works out for you!

  • Thx. Doing MUCH better. I’m also psyched that I got a blender & a food processor today. I am SO excited to start trying some recipes!

  • Zoe, yesterday I did have a craving for a Starbucks soy milk chai tea. Didn’t give in, though.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I liked starbucks soy milk chai tea, it wasn’t my favorite but it was better than any other place that sold chai tea.

  • Exactly… & here in Tokyo, I am surrounded by Starbucks. Anyway, I was really good today. I actually made my first ever raw recipe & it was SOOOO good! My body, I found was also majorly craving the fresh OJ that was un the Red Lovers Soup I made and they finally made me an awesome raws salad @ work as well. It took thema but to figure it out but they did great today- so I was grateful & happy.

    I think it’s time for me to start exercising again too. I haven’t done yoga or worked out since I left Paris a month ago. I’m ready to move. Maybe I’ll go for a run tomorrow when I wake up & before my rehearsal w/ my pianist. I hope I can make the time! I’d love to go for a run while listening to Marianne Williamson…

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