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1 Raw Girl 100% Raw Blog

Hello, I am living in Missouri and have decided to go 100% Raw for the Winter. I have started a Blog(2 Actually, one on Google and one at eat.rawfood.com) I also made a video and posted it onto youtube, proclaiming my intention. Please feel free to visit and leave comments, I would enjoy that very much. And I must say I LOVE this site. I get a lot of great ideas and recipes from here, so I feel very confident that I will eat better than any cooked food person on Earth!


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David Wolfe Community(my Personal Page)-http://eat.rawfood.com/rawfood/rawbuzzgal

Google Blog-http://1rawgirl.blogspot.com/

I look forward to hearing from ya!!

1 Raw Girl


  • Hi 1rawgirl,welcome!!! Great that you have decided to be raw.
    I liked very much your blog,great recipes.
    Again, welcome to this lifestyle !!!

  • Thanks Lucy, So glad to be here! this site rocks!! and especially thanks for checkin out ma blog!!

  • I’m so very new to this. I checked out your blog 1rawgirl, and the recipes looked terrific. The only problem I’m having is, I don’t know how to prepare them. i also don’t know about soaking seeds or nuts. Any suggestions on where to go for instructions? I need help!! 5 more days till I eat Raw. I’m excited and nervous. Nervous about not making it the right way that is. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi Auntsissy,I soak seeds and nuts overnight.In the morning you dry them out in the dehydrator or in the oven with very little heat and open door,I think.I have a dehydrator.
    The best thing is to eat a lot of salads,smoothies,juices,fruits and some nuts for a while until you get used to do some recipes.Maybe it is better to get some raw food books or you can go to www.youtube.com and check on raw food recipes.They are great!!!I’m always checking on the recipes there.Good luck !!!

  • Thank you so much Lucy. I did go to Youtube and watched some video’s. They were a lot of help. I also found a whole foods market near me. I am wanting to find a raw food resteraunt close by. Maybe I can get some good ideas there also and introduce my family to the food.

  • http://www.rawreform.com/content/view/246/134/

    Hi Auntsissy,in this site has addresses of raw food restaurant in the USA. And recipes,and many other things.

  • Hi Lucy, Thank you so much. I am so happy I found this site. You all have been very helpful. Tonight mu husband is taking me to shop for some of the necessities to get started with my new healthier life. I am getting so excited. All these smoothie recipes sound delicious. Good thing I love spinach:)

  • Hi Lucy and Auntsissy! Just wanted to say to auntsissy, dont be nervous…its all a beautiful learn as you go adventure and no matter what you do just take your time and do whats right for you. Youll know because it will feel right. have fun, eat simple and dont deny yourself what you need to be happy, just figure out what foods you can transform from cooked to raw and go at your own pace….thats a great way to start! Thanks for checking out my blog and Ejoy your journey Raw!!! 1 Raw Girl

  • Hi 1rawgirl, your blogs is getting better and better.I’ll definitelly do the pumpkin seed brittle,and the spinach smoothie.They look amazingly delicious !!!!

  • Hi 1rawgirl, I tried leaving a comment on your blog and it won’t let me. I don’t use Google. My question is, on the pumkin seed brittle. How much of each ingrediant and how long in the dehydrator. It looks so yummy and I need instuctions. I will be making this for sure.

  • Hi Auntsissy, well first you have to soak the raw pumkin seeds. I usually soak my seeds and nuts overnight.then drain the seeds, and add just enough honey or raw agave nector to your seeds to moisten them well, add celtic salt if you like for sweet and salty crunch, sprinkle any of your favorite supplement powder with it if you like. a little cinnamon or nutmeg or lemon or citrus zest and then put in dehydrator for as long as it takes to cool and have the desired crunch. Its really about experimenting and having fun, see what you come up with. I hope that helps and that your pumkin seed brittle comes out tasting great!! (it may take a day or 2 to dehydrate so make a big batch) and for lots of crunch try to smooth it out as flat as possible.

  • Hi Lucy, I eat a lot of spinach based smoothies, they blend so well and have a smooth green taste. I sometimes add a little nutbutter and raw egg(only happy eggs) and i find that the nutbutter masks the egg taste and the bananas thicken it up really well, then I add my spplement powder and frozen fruit a bit of agave nector because it doesnt take much to sweeten and walah, I have a great energy packed smoothie to start my day with and it keeps me going for a bit with a good clear head! Enjoy and let me know what you put into your spinach and banana smoothie if you like…1 Raw Girl

  • Thanks 1rawgirl, your recipes look so good.

  • Hi 1rawgirl,thanks,I did both the pumpkin and the spinach smothie and they were delicious !!! Do you like raw eggs? I love raw eggs and I used to eat them raw with honey.Yumm !!! I don’t do it anymore though.
    I was thinking,I might do a spinach,grapes,mint and lemon juice smoothie.I’ll tell you if it is good.Thanks a lot for the recipes,they are just amazing !!! I am munching on the pumpkin seeds all day.

  • OneOne

    Hey, 1rawgirl. I love the idea on your blog about eating food wrapped in a lettuce leaf like a burrito!

  • Hi One, Thanks, I actually used a collard green leaf, they are really great for wraps, because they are stronger, yet very easy to eat, not tough at all….

  • Hi Lucy, yeah i like to eat raw eggs, i usually put them in smoothies and mask the taste with a nutbutter. OMG I know, that pumkin seed brittle is da bomb! I was inspired by the Raw Food Real World book for that..and your smoothie idea sounds yummy, let me know how it turns out…k

  • Hi Lucy & 1rawgirl, I was just wondering about the raw egg. Isn’t it dangerous to get samanila(SP?)

  • Hi auntsissy, I have never gotten salmanilla poisening, but I do not use angry chicken eggs either…I always use the free range variety. much of the white eggs available in stored are reused over and over. its gross, and the chickens are pumped full of aweful stuff because they are in small cages which dont allow movement, they are sitting in filth, and many are de-beaked…these are angry chickens, and they lay angry eggs….I avoid these eggs.

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    yuck to raw egg

  • 1rawgirl,

    You might be interested in this article about free range chickens and eggs:

    And this from the PETA site: “The USDA requires that

  • I really like your blog! I love reading other peoples’ experiences for inspiration and motivation.

  • Thanks for the Egg info, I only buy free range from local producers….Hi Lapetitemort I am so glad that you enjoy my blog. I too love reading others blogs, they are so creative and inspiring. Just like living foods. Modhina, I understand, raw eggs are not for everyone. But I think people should do what feels best for them:)

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