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as you know, I’m brand new to this website. SO glad I found you all!! The site is very easy to use and navigate. I appreciate that.

Since writing a handful of questions, I’d like to humbly suggest an idea that seems very practical.

Would it be possible for members to receive email notification of each response they receive to question or replies they may have written?

I would find this option very helpful.

All replies for me could be fwd. directly to my email address OR if that’s not possible, perhaps after logging in, a member could access all replies/responses that have been collected in a folder (similar to the recipe box?) ?

Just an idea.

Already today I almost missed someones reply, to one of my many questions, as so many other topics were written afterwards. I couldn’t find a ‘saved’ list of what I had posted on the forum. I have clicked in the box for ‘watch topic’ but it doesn’t show up in my profile.

The more this forum grows, the more organizing helps will be invaluable.

Well, that’s all I can think of.

GREAT site! God bless you for all your help!

Humbly, ~Sara :)


  • Sara,

    Thanks for the suggestion. If we do add the feature you describe, it probably won’t be for a while. But I do have a suggestion for something you could try in the meantime.

    If there’s a topic (or topics) you want to follow, for whatever reason, click on the “Watch topic” check box in the upper left corner. You can see one in this topic. Then, when looking at your profile, you can see some details about your activity at the top. Mine looks like this:

    20 published recipes, 22 forum topics, 133 forum posts (view all / monitored posts)

    Both the words “all” and “monitored” are links. If you click on “all,” you see all the posts you’ve ever written in the forums. If you click on “monitored,” you see all the discussions you’re watching. It’s very handy for keeping track of interesting topics!

    When you’re tired of a topic, just un-check the box on that topic, which will read “Watching topic.” Once you un-check it, you’re no longer monitoring that discussion.

    Hope that helps!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Sara: You can also subscribe to any forum topic (or all forums) through RSS by clicking on the small orange box at top. Both Safari and IE7 have RSS readers, among others.

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