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pearjoypearjoy Raw Newbie

My name is Alex (female). I was vegan for 2 years (raw 1&1/2), then this past April I took a bite out of a grapefruit and had an epiphany of sorts. Ever since I’ve been a fruitarian (not to mention completely euphoric). I live in Ontario and it’s getting cold and fruit is not in it’s prime. I don’t want to lose the lightness so here I am! I love lots of the recipes posted. I like to pick out a recipe after school/work, round up the ingredients and serve it to my parents (who think meat is good for them). It’s hard at times but love/education is the only way we can save any lives (something like 6 billion cows are slaughtered every year for human purposes). I’m so appreciative of sites like these. You bubbly, hilarious raw foodies are the icing on the cake (had to). Ask me anything (comments or questions too!).


  • You sound like a fun Raw vegan! Good to meet you here. I like your attitude: including the LOVE with the education. As someone who’s still learning, I definitely receive a sweeter lesson a lot more quickly.

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