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Hey! My name is MOTH and I am a 24 yr old biological female from New England! My journey to raw is still fresh. I first started getting into it when I started fasting regularly. I read from fasters that eating raw foods between fasts is the best way to build the highest quality body stores, so that’s what I started doing! And I enjoy RAW FOOD so freaking much! I figure I’m still transitioning, but the fasting has really made it so much easier because it’s just about all my belly can handle when I eat, heh.

Anyway, just want to say that I am so thankful for finding this resource (the recipe section is amazing) and THANK YOU guys for being so informative and helpful to a newbie! :)


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Moth,

    Welcome to Gone Raw! If you are going to be doing a fast/cleanse soon, there are a number of people starting a Master Cleanse in early December.

  • Hi Moth. Welcome to the raw!! Very interesting that you like fasting. What kind of fast do you do? Water,juice,smoothies ?And for how long?
    I do fasting but I only can stay for 3 days,my limit.I’d like to do at least for 10 days in the future with water or orange juice.

    Well,nice that you are on the raw.

  • hey moth, and welcome! i love your profile picture.
    i’m practically liquitarian myself, i’m a juice freak, so i can relate to your love of fasting.
    glad to have you on the forum.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey guys! I usually prefer to water fast, although juice fasting is excellant for before and after. I started with juice fasting. I fast for 4-12 days usually depending on what I feel my body needs. I was so thrilled to find other fasting enthusiasts here on goneraw. Really encouraging to me to find a group of people that are into the same types of cleansing.

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