Brand New Professional Grade Colon Hydrotherapy Unit

Hey Guys,

So this past month I bought this brand new Colon Hydrotherapy Unit (as seen here) that was highly recommended to me by a practitioner here in the city. It has a top of the line water filtration system and the same grade hoses as the licensed professionals use- only the unit was created to be able to use in the curtesy of your own home or home away from home attached to any faucet. Unfortunately- little did I realize that the faucets in the apt I am subletting from my friend are a rare type and happen not to be compatible so I have been unable to even make use of the recent purchase. The cost to have a plummer come out to fix the faucets would have most likely cost more than the unit. It seems the company will not offer a refund on even unused merchandise so I am looking to sell the unit to someone for $350. If anyone is interested in purchased this from me let me know.



  • My husband and I have been renovating houses for a couple years now. I want to let you know that although it may sound intimidating…changing a faucet in a sink is extremely easy. If that is a possibility it may be worth considering. Just go to Home Depot or Walmart or some other big box store and buy a cheap faucet for $50 and a plumbing book. It’ll be a snap!

  • Thanks for the info. I would have considered doing so although this faucet is the old school one with three separate outlets attached to the sink and since I am subleasing I didnt feel it would be right for me to make the change.

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