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Hello I am clinton

Please see my profile. I live in Oregon and am diabetic. I was wondering if anyone else has experience in a raw diet for diabetic. I am on insulin for now 20 years. Thank God for the antioxident action in cannabis because my blood vessels are in good condition after all these years. I am a medical MJ patient.

I have never liked meats. I do love cheeses and get my protein. I also like nuts, fruits , and vegitables (a lot). Any comments along these lines is most welcome.



  • Hi Clinton! Welcome to the fold! I read your profile and I think that you’ll find a lot of helpful information here. You might want to check out the trailer for Raw for 30 Days It has some information about diabetes and a raw food diet. Also, there are a lot of fantastic recipes on this site. Enjoy and good luck!

  • welcome!

  • Welcome Clinton,

    I would like to suggest you to visit Gabriel Cousens’s website www.treeoflife.nu & to read his upcoming book: Cure for Diabetes as he will answer many of your present questions & help you get your health back.

    A little bit about me:
    I am a Conscious Living Coach & I specialize in low glycemic raw food as I find it the most balancing on a body, mind & spirit levels, year after year (I invite you to read my bio. & website for more info.)

    May this be helpful to you : )
    Wishing you the very best

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Welcome Clinton~

    Join the conversation on the thread http://www.goneraw.com/forums/3/topics/2182.

  • hey clinton! welcome aboard.

    i’m type 1 and have had alot of success reducing my insulin requirements.

    i never knew cannabis was antioxident! wow.

    nice to meet you

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Clinton: Welcome to Gone Raw. We’re happy to have you here! You might also find interesting information on the raw cannabis thread – there is a link to a site filled with raw cannabis recipes.


  • I am incouraged at what I have read here. I have also followed some links and the information is wonderful. I want to try to change my diet to see if i can have better health. I find the cannibis thread very interesting as I know that cannibis is a very helpful herb for treatment of many diseases.

    Thank you all for this warm welcome and perhaps in a year I can look back at a turning point in my life. Great site.


  • do you find with using the herb, that it makes your heart race? this is the only drawback for me. i naturally have a high resting heartrate, but this is scary fast.

  • People use cannabis for different reasons. I have chronic pain – I use MJ frequently. People like me do not get the “high” as our usage is for deep body pain. Smoking or vaporization does not supply enough thus many use concentrated forms of the herb. Tinctures are good for the deep pain.

    There is evidence that the non psychoactive oils are very powerful stimulants to healing. Wounds heal when the oils are applied topical. I have seen photos where such healing is documented.

    I am very happy to find this place.


  • Dig your hat!

  • ah, i see , so the tinctures are more for pain, and don’t get you high. i wonder why i have that reaction, is it a normal side effect?

  • hey clinton, if you ever want talk direct email me cold_front/hotmail

    i think we could be a good support system for each other.

  • Hi,
    Check out Sergei Boutenko who ‘was’ a diabetic and got very annoyed with pricking his thumb and getting a normal reading! Yes Raw for 30 days on you tube and tree of life are all very exciting. Sergei links are at – www.rawfamily.com (and check the family surname on you tube). A very interesting story. Well done for looking beyond the pharmacy!!!

    Cher Carla

  • Hello Clinton,

    Robert O. Young has written several good books about the importance of ph-levels as well as in regardance to diabetes. Some titles are:

    • The ph miracle for diabetes
    • Sick and tired

    I think these books may be very helpful to you.

  • edited May 2016

    Thank you Raw Dutchie. I will look into this. Also stylistchick – I emailed you but the address you gave had me guessing.

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