Let's all refer Gone Raw

Hi everybody,

Considering that Kandace & Ray kindly invite us to post our bio., websites, events … on their website, let’s join & do the same for them so many more people out there can benefit from this great on line raw food community ! I just refereed them on my website, now it is your turn ! .... : )


  • Yeah, why not?!? Also, if you go to your profile page (click “My Profile” in the top right of the page, when you’re logged in) and click on “Gone Raw Remote” on the right side, we’ve provided instructions to show your newest recipes (or all the newest recipes) on your blog or MySpace-type page. You can always do that!

    We also have instructions to put a Gone Raw “badge” on your site, that links to us. It looks something like this:

    So feel free to do so if you like!

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