Jubb's 14 day cleanse. Anyone done it?

I heard a few interviews with David Jubb recently. He seems to be the most knowledgeable raw food advocate in terms of biology/physiology. He mentions his 14 day program a lot in the recordings but never gives details. There’s not much in the forums here about him – looks like a couple people have done the cleanse. Anyone have any experience?

I’ve been eating 90-95% raw for 10 months with mixed results. My skin is much clearer. My thought is much clearer. I haven’t had a single cold since going raw (which is great-I used to get colds that would last for weeks). I don’t get canker sores anymore.
The downside: I lost 15 lbs in the first couple months and no matter what I eat the weight wont come back on. I was already skinny before raw – I was hoping to gain weight. Ive played around with fat intake, greens intake but when i eat more, it simply comes out the other end. I also go through cycles of being extremely fatigued for 2-3 days and then I’m fine.
The social/psychological part has been pretty rough as well. Almost everyone around me comments on how thin I am. My mom thinks I’m “starving myself.” I’m not in the healthiest of environments; my fellow college students are living on pizza, soda, and beer. There’s this constant trade-off: “Do I make a delicious raw meal and eat alone, or eat with others, when it just brings me down to watch people stuffing themselves with shit food?”

I feel like I need to do some serious cleansing at this point. In other words, the problem is not what I’m eating, but rather something out of whack in my body. Of course my family/friends don’t believe that and think I need to eat meat and dairy again, which I have no interest in.

Here are my theories as to what could be wrong:

-lack of hydrochloric acid in stomach (V Boutenko talks about this a lot. i havent tried green smoothies yet. i am reluctant to drop $300 on a hi speed blender)
-intestinal parasites (I took one bottle of Healthforce’s Internal Parasite Formula. no results)
-thyroid/endocrine issues (runs in the family but i think i’m a little young for this – 20 yrs old)
-liver/gall stones – i tried the hulda clark liver cleanse – just a few tiny stones and my body cant handle epsom salt
-body flora wiped out from antibiotics (i had some serious gastro surgery to remove a cyst in one of my pancreatic ducts when i was 7 years old. i think i was on heavy antibiotics for more than a month)

anyway, this is getting long, but i really want to make raw food work for me and i’m running out of ideas. any ideas/comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

and not to be negative, but two paradigms we all need to get out of are:
“you just need to go 100% raw and all your problems will fade away”
“oh don’t worry, you’re just detoxing. let it pass.”

theres no need to act like we all know THE ANSWER to health/diet when we dont. even the ‘experts’ change their opinions all the time. our understanding of health should keep moving forward – not stay put in one dogma that rarely works. i’ve read hundreds of posts on this site and i’d say less than 10% of members are satisfied with their health.

whew, thats the end of my rant



  • Little OneLittle One Raw Newbie

    I went to Jubb’s place in the city and was very interested in him. He spoke to me and I really felt him out, but after 10 minutes he was trying to sell his products. I think his system is most likely awesome. Although you may drop a few hundred dollars. I am wondering if it’s worth it also. Did anyone experience his 14 day program?

  • Hey Dream, I know what you mean and I’m traveling a similar path. I like the results of raw, too: the clearer skin, the no mucus, the no colds, the lighter feeling, the more energy, the less sleep.

    I’ve also lost weight since going all raw three months ago. I’m 6’2” and 150 lbs. People give me their noise about it. The social/psych part is tough for me, too, and nearly everyone I know eats mainly what I consider non-food. But I don’t make judgements to them about what they eat. Meanwhile, they do pass judgements about I what eat. Odd that way. And, I spend a lot of time eating alone. Which some say is good anyway, and that we should fully concentrate on our food and not do social things like talking over meals. I don’t know.

    I asked my doctor if I could get my HCL tested, and she, Harvard-trained, gave me a blank stare. Then she said she hasn’t tested stomach acid levels in a patient since med school. She said for her to do such a thing accurately she’d have to shove a tube down my throat and into my stomach. Then pull the tube back out again. So I declined her sweet offer.

    One thing about green smoothies is that you don’t need a fancy blender like the Vitamix to make them. My girlfriend has a very cheap blender and we use it no problem. You can get any old blender and blend up greens. They’re not much tougher to blend than anything else. Add a banana or avocado to smooth up the texture.

    I agree with you that there’s no need to act like we all know THE ANSWER to diet: “we” don’t. “We” do seem to know some things, though, even if experts’ opinions frequently change. One opinion, however, that does not seem to change much is the directive to eat more vegetables and to eat more fruits. Eat more leafy greens, we’re told consistantly. Eat them raw, eat them often, eat them organic, eat them now. Do it, and do it for the rest of your long life. Let the science come and go, and it will probably continue to prove that eating a wide variety of raw fruits and vegetables is the best way for most people to eat.

  • I have mixed feelings about cleanses now. I won’t go into my whole story there, but let’s just say that I don’t think they are the miracle cure that a lot of people hold them to be. Or at least they aren’t for me (I’ve heard plenty of good stories about them obviously, so I can’t fault the whole idea). And I don’t actually know anything about Jubb’s cleanse. I believe some are more reputable then others, but I can’t speak about his program.

    Other suggestions for you. If what comes out looks like what went in, you aren’t digesting things properly. This could be due to lack of HCl. I use my Vitamix every single day and think it’s well worth it (actually, my Vitawmix is my grandmother’s – so that $300 will go a LONG way – your grandkids will thank you when you pass it on to them!). I’ve just started the green smoothies. I don’t think I had HCl problems to begin with, so I can’t comment on the efficacy. But I definitely recommend the blender.

    I would recommend that you peruse this website:


    I bet it will be rather unpopular amongst most of the readers of this forum, but it is very interesting. It comes from people who have attempted vegetarian/vegan/raw diets and have failed for various reasons. Although most of the contributors are no longer following the diets, they do offer suggestions on how to make it easier. This page in particular might help you:


    There is a section in there about being underweight. There’s a link to go further down the page about increasing the digestive fire.

    Good luck!

  • I have done 4-5 of Jubbs cellular rejuvenation fast they are amazing. When doing them one begins to feel very high energy as the gut heals. Most disease caused by two food factors disaccaride sugar (hybridization and pasteurization). And over phosphorousation of food from fertilizers and flesh dairy and again hybridization. Eliminating these foods and clearing damage to body gallbladder is only way to start to turn body around reduce oxidation and aging. Check my site for more info rawwillpower.com

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