Automatic Sprouters

I’ve been looking into automatic sprouters, such as GoGreen Automatic Sprouter (for wheatgrass) and AeroGrow’s AeroGarden Garden Kit (for herbs)... I wonder if anyone has had any experience and recommendation? By the way, I have Easy Sprouter which I use for broccoli sprouts and I love it!

Any tips regarding automatic sprouters would be appreciated!


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    I have used the AeroGrow AeroGarden for herbs. It’s easy, straightforward, uncomplicated and requires very little effort on your part. Warning: This operates using a bright light part of the time, so don’t put it anywhere that you’re trying to keep dark.

    My favorite seed kit for my AeroGrow AeroGarden is the International Basil, much more so than the lettuce or mixed herbs. The basil seems to grow the heartiest.

    I like the FreshLife Sprouter and I do recommend using it for sprouts (and wheat grass can be grown with it). Hope this helps :)

    Kristen Suzanne

  • Good Question.I would like one to use in my college dorm.

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    I just use sproutmaster from but you do spend time rinsing and hulling etc. I was wondering about that aerogrow. I would have tried it except for the price. I also didn’t know if you could only use their seed kits or if any would work. Wish I could be of more help!

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