Raw world tour 2008

Has anybody been to this website rawworldtour.com, it looks awesome ! How does this guy Markus rothkranz look so ripped for being raw , and he’s 45 to boot, is this for real? ~karen


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    He is for real!!
    There are clips of him at the Raw Spirit Festival floating around the net. Did you check out his art and model making stuff on his website?
    He is truly a uniquely talented individual.
    And very, very cheesey – in a good way of course!!

  • I’ve seen that clip from the Raw Spirit Festival. This dude is so over the top – it’s fantastic! Pyrotechnics, dancing babes…I had to show my husband, hilarious. But I agree with Zoe, he’s really putting himself out there. I guess he’s feeling the raw energy, huh ; ) I didn’t know about the website. I’m off to check it out. Hope he’s not selling anything but the message.

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