Automatic Soaking?

germin8germin8 Raw Master

My husband and I would like a way to automatically soak nuts/seeds and change water. That would be awesome! We have a couple not-so-thought-out ideas… never tried them… but it would be easier (than inventing) if there is something out there already that does that and just buy it.

Any ideas?


  • Hello to you both.

    I don’t know if the EasyGreen answers your question.

    You can soak/sprout seeds in it without needing to soak first. It rinses & oxygenates the seeds many times each day with use of a timer.

    You can also grow wheatgrass, sunflower greens and other microgreens in it. tells you more.

    It may meet your needs for at least the seeds.

    Blessings to ya :)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yeah! That looks like it can work for us! Wonderful!

    I just came from a raw food preparation class… and I think I’m only going to nuts soak 12-24 hours. That would ease my work. :o)

  • Why don’t you just carry the nuts around in a mason jar all day and change the water periodically. It be cheaper.


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