Hello from Holland


Several weeks ago I started my raw food journey…I am from Holland…34 years of age…I was a vegetarian before I went raw (macrobiotic)...I have always been very slim so raw food is not a weight issue for me…

Since 2 years I have developed asthma and with raw food (and mental ease) I


  • Hi Raw Dutchie.. there seems to be mounting evidence that ‘oxygen uptake’has something to do with asthma symptoms. And the percentage of fat in the blood
    seems to effect oxygen uptake. COPD is getting to be a BIG problem everywhere-and tho I love the ‘good’ fats in avocados – more than one a day and my lungs tell me about it. Green smoothies in the morning and lots of fruit thruout the day with large salad (green leaves) & vegies seems to work for me.Try watching your daily fat intake and see if cutting back affects your asthma symptoms. Not everyone is affected by excess fats in the same way of course..we all need to find a path that works for us.

  • Hi raweve,

    Thanks for your reply. It sounds very interesting, although I don’t eat much fat. As for fats I eat 1 avocado on a day, not even everyday…just some oil with my salad (olive/walnut/hemp/flax)...a
    tiny bit of oil through my smoothie (Udo’s Choice)...not too much nuts. But I will definitely
    keep your information in mind. And I can now and then try making a salad without an
    oil-based dressing.

  • You’re from a really nice country. I visited Holland about twenty years ago. There was a lot of flat land and grey sky. My parents let me eat anything I wanted on that trip, so I ate Black Forest Chocolate torte for three meals a day.
    I hope that I’ll never need to take any medications as well. Good luck with your asthma.

  • Thank you, LionMouse…

    ...by the way, I myself am more into romantic hilly or mountainous scenery than I am into flat land…(so actually I am born in the wrong country lol)

  • Raw dutchie,

    I am looking for people from Europe, the most people are from the US. Would be great, to meet you somewhen. I am from northern part of Germany close to the eastern sea.

    .. I think I am also born in the wrong country. Raw movement isn’t that much here unfortunatelly.

  • Hi Sonne83,

    Thanks for your reply. In Holland Amsterdam is the place to be for an enthusiastic raw foodie. I am sorry to hear that there isn’t a real raw movement in Germany. Feel free to keep in touch with me…

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