• Hi Raven. I live in Anchorage. I also would like to meet more people here that are Raw. I have 1 friend that is 100% raw and is an awsome preacher of the Raw foods. But, I am overweight and have a family and am trying to get going on raw. I would like to meet others that can give me encouragement and share their experiences with Raw. I see you have been Raw for awhile. Where do you live? Are you interested in Meetups with other Raws?

  • Cool. I did 5 days 100% and felt so good, but 2 things happened, I found out I am allergic to raw almonds and I had 2 meds that collided a few days after I started that caused extreem drowsiness. This was right before Thanksgiving and I didn’t want to disapoint my wife (She cooks huge every year). So now I am getting back on.

    The problem that I have with the raw food is it is so expensive and difficult to get fresh here in Anchorage. Carrs is expensive and Costco is great but sometimes limited on the selection. But I try to get my stuff there first.

    I also have issues with the internet meetup on a one to one, Check this out. I think that if we were to meet up as a group (There are 10 people on the Meetup web site) that it would be safer and there would be a whole lot more experiences to share.…

    There is also a few on the Anchorage Freecycle list that are raw or vegitarian anyway. Good group of people for the most part.

    Anyway, I have to go get some sleep as I work nights. Have a good day.

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