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weight loss

rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

well everyone-i have offically lost 75 pounds so far since last oct.of 2006.i feel better-way better.i have alot to tell people.i met an old friend i had not seen in a while.her and i were fat together in days gone by.she now had high blood pressure and is on diabetes medication and sooo heavy. i was telling her about my raw food lifestyle change and my walking 5 miles a day.she was so interested. i think it is cool to stand strong and true to your idea’s.it is an example for others.like my brother in law is 5ft.9in. and he weighs 280 pounds. he and i were talking and he sees how much i have lost.he is on a diet now. he e-mails me to keep me up dated on his diet.he asks me quetions about what he can do better.my hubby is trying.my son has started working out and taking medication.i love this.it is wonderful and so positive.so my question is “have u influenced others lives by your raw foodism and trying to be healthier?”and how?


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    That is so awesome!!!! Congratulations! Raw is amazing!! Being a positive influence on others is the best thing about being raw. When other people see you losing weight, recovering from chronic illness and feeling so much healthier and happier they want to know what you are doing!

    I’ve influenced several people to go vegan and greatly increase the amount of raw in their diet and I’ve influenced two friends to go all raw!!!

    Wishing you much continued success!!


  • rae-deanrae-dean Raw Newbie

    thank u so much Audrey. i have seen the you “before”.i am not as far along as u in how great u are.but still i know it sounds like i am bragging but i am so excited about the raw message. i heard for yrs. get the weight off and i have done it before. but by starving.now i am nourshing my body.i am so excited. to actually say exercise,and eating raw is truly what has made me feel better.i am excited about this.thank u-u have done amazing.hugs rae-dean

  • PamPam

    Congratulations on the weight loss, Rae-Dean! You should be really proud. I love the question: “Have you influenced other lives?” I fell off the raw wagon after a year, but during that time I influenced one other person to go completely raw and got a lot of other people to make changes in their diets. This time (I’m now almost 2 months raw), I got one person interested in the lifestyle, but no commitment to go raw. My trainer is also very interested. I’m hoping to get him to change his meat eating habits! ;o) I think I influence people who want to know about the glow! When I was raw before, my daughter, who I hadn’t seen in a few months, asked me if I was getting botox injections. Botox! Ewwww!!! Uh… nooooo…

    Audrey, you look wonderful! Say hello to my hometown.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Congratulations on the weight loss!

    I haven’t been able to convince anyone to be completely raw but I have convinced people to eat more raw food. Many of my friends have noticed that I lost some weight and say I look healthier and more energetic. So they are also incorporating more raw foods in their diets.

    I have been working on my mom really hard. My mom cannot give up her bread and crackers but she has been eating more raw foods and juicing some drinks also. Her hump is the cost. She thinks it is too expensive for her.

  • You are my inspirtion. My sister and I have both gained weight due to overeating carbs. She thinks eating organic is just a fad for me and she does not know that I am on a juice fast and will be switching to raw as soon as my fast is complete. I didn’t want to tell her because she is always so negative and says “we are fat and we are always going to be fat, so give up!” Boy is she going to be surprised when I start dropping the lbs.

  • Hi Stacie,

    I have to say that weight loss was my primary motivating factor for going raw. But the perks, the perks! My insommnia has vanished, I am off my depression medication and my outlook and mood has lifted, I feel better, not so down anymore (and I have a strong genetic predisposition towards depression). I was prediabetic my blood sugar was at 97, it is now in the 60’s. I think this carb business is really distorted. I think that processed carbs, bread, pasta, rice are not good. Along with meat, fish, cheese, butter and milk. These things clog up our digestive system, they are not easy for our systems to breakdown and the nutrients are not easily and readily absorbed from these food items. But a raw diet is primarily composed of complex carbohydrates and I have lost 29.5 lbs since April 02. Stick to it and this will change your life. Peace and blessings, deasmiles. :)

  • Being full,

    I had a green smoothie for breakfast peaches, banana, spinach and lettuce. 2 glasses of water and I full glass of green juice (fennel, celery, apple and cucumber) I feel soo full and satiated. The other wonderful thing about this way of eating is that at the beginning or for however long you need to you can eat anything and as much of it as you want as long as its raw and natural this means avocados, nut butters, raw pies. I did this and still steadily lost weight. I love being raw! :)))

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