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Best high-speed blender?

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

We’re saving up for a high-speed blender and are wondering which are best for raw-food prep. Heard good things about both the Vita-Mix and BlendTech – each seem to be just under $400. Wow! Have a favorite?


  • I was rooting for the BlendTech after hearing many positive things about it from Victoria Boutenko. Our blender is a used one, probably only $50 new, and just doesn’t do the trick for a lot of foods…

  • This is the blender I chose. I first saw it on the tv show “I Want That Kitchens!” It is cheaper than the Vita Mix or BlendTech, which is why I gave it a try. It does EVERYTHING I need it to!!



  • no substitute for a VITA MIX . i believe also mike adams the health ranger ( look up his website he has a wonderful news letter that eveyone who is interested in this should subscribe) he choose the vita mix also you can find that article somewhere on his website .

    the diference in a vita mix and blender is the speed it rotates at you cannot break open all the little cells with a blender take strawberries for instance, the little seeds will not be broken open with a blender these seeds hold tremendous nutritional value. you get the idea.

    when it comes to your health always get the best you can.

  • I have a Vitamix and I love it! i have smoothies everyday. They are so much better in a high speed blender than my old one. Definitely worth the money. All the raw food recipe books I have recommend it and many websites too. I have never seen a Blend Tech endorsed by raw foodists but I don’t know how well they work.


  • I am also considering buying one of those Vita mix blender…but if all they do is break those little strawberry seeds; our body is already doing that. So I was wondering if the texture is REALLY different compare to one of those 750 watts blender we can buy at Sears? If one could give me more pros I’ll be more than happy to support Vita Mix. Thank you

  • alwaysNEW, The vitamix is great for making smoothies. The texture is way superior to the blenders I had before and it works faster and better.


  • I just bought a Vita-mix and I am just loving it. It really does the trick and smoothies are so smooth (this was really important to me) I hated having chunks of ice and unprocessed food in my old blender so I decided to fork over my hard earned cash and I have not regretted it. I am in love with my new blender. Nothing like a lovely fresh, creamy soup when called for. I could go on…but won’t.

  • I heard there was a new blend tech blender on that uses a computer to control the speed so you don’t need a rammer. Sounds high tech…

  • —-—— vita mix —-—-—-

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    I love my vitamix! Drinking a smoothie without grit is a fabulous experience. But I do wish I’d done a bit more research on the Blendtec before I bought my vitamix. I’m not sure which I would have picked—I kind of like the hands-on part of using a vitamix, but I’m lured by the high-tech aspect of the blendtec, too. I’d watch the demos on both sites and see which one appeals to you more. Some people like a little more control (which the vitamix gives you, since it doesn’t have pre-sets and uses old fashioned dials instead), others like to let the machine do the work. Whichever is a best fit for you!

    AlwayskNEW, the vitamix is amazing for making ice creams out of raw ingredients and ice (no churning necessary--it pulverizes the ice so that it re-freezes with the ingredients you add). It will also warm the ingredients you add if you puree it for long enough-this is great with soups (though you do have to watch that they don’t get too hot, it warms slowly enough that I’ve never had a problem). It makes the smoothest nut milks and creams. It is also self-cleaning-just add warm water and soap and run it on high-it will even boil itself if you let it run for long enough. I absolutely love mine and I use it several times a day. Take a look at the demos and you’ll see all it can do!

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