amazing "regular" restaurant's raw dishes

pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

i think a while back people were asking about where to go for dates and such with non-raw people.

i was recently in los angeles and it was a family dinner party at this restaurant called HAL’s in venice.

OMG! as per “12 steps to raw” suggestion, i made a “card” of what i can eat: “i eat fresh, raw, uncooked fruits and veggies… LIST follows…”

i sent this a few days before the big event and the chef whipped up an AMAZING 4 course raw meal for me. i was blown away. by far and away the best gourmet raw food i’ve had, because it was based on fresh, seasonal produce with beautiful presentation, not laden with fats or spices. just exquisite and simple.

anyway, i REALLY recommend doing this next time you go out, because the chef might come up with something so brilliant they’ll add it to the menu. who knows… i think this will make it easier in the long term for us raw foodies to go to “NORMAL” restaurants. one customer is as important as any other. look how there are vegetarian options available now!

of course, this was california… ;)

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