Livestock's Long Shadow

This is a very crucial report on how the consumption of animal products is literally the most important factor in the global warming crisis (which Al Gore “conveniently” left out of his documentary due to him being a Black Angus beef farmer).…


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    Socal, not to be lazy, but is there a synopsis of this report? I have been aware of this since reading Jeremy Rifkin’s work many years ago, and have been trying to convince my partner (who eats meat) the terrible cost of raising animals for food.

  • You can read this UN report on it, if it’s more “convenient” for you:

    Unfortunately the recommendation of going to a vegan or plant based diet is never seen as a solution…it’s only the vegan groups who see that as a possible solution. Just goes to show that when it comes to changing one’s diet – they rather quit than switch! Quit life on earth that is.

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    Thank you. I just would like to have something that he will read that might change his mind, or at least get the ball rolling.

  • I had a dream I was standing in front of the whole audience of the Nobel Peace Prize Concert here in Oslo, that by the way was held just two nights ago, and I was telling everyone to stop eating meat. I was saying that we base our entire existence on the death of other living beings, like eating meat and using oil for transport and heat and everything else we can come to think of using oil for. Everyone were really uptight and wouldn’t hear of it, but eventually it came through to one guy and then it spread to the whole crowd.

    I think that is what truly changed me, that I realized that humans actually BASE their entire lives on the death of other living beings… I mean, that CAN’T be good, can it?

    What’s even more funny/ironic/sad is that if we all, and I mean ALL of us, went back to our natural state of mind and diet of local foods that we’re adapted to, so much pollution would be automatically eliminated. Nobody would cook their food anymore.


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    SoCal, I wanted to thank you again for that second link. Although it did not provide recommendations for a vegan diet, I think it is a very good read for people still eating meat who remain blissfully and sometimes deliberately uninformed of it’s deleterious effects on the planet.

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    agreed. agreed. if only that had been al gore’s speech. maybe when you REALLY are excepting the prize. that’s a pretty awesome dream. =)

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