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Best raw DVD

What is you’re favorite Raw DVD?


  • I have some dvds and I like very much Shazzie’s,Nomi Shannon’s,Alissa Cohen’s,and Gabriel Cousens”s too. Maybe the one from Shazzie is my favorite one.

  • Anyone seen the dvds or books by the Boutenkos?

  • I haven’t seen it yet, but there’s a new one that has just been released called Raw for Life, and it looks really good. There’s a brief preview of it here…

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I do like the Boutenko DVDs, the Green for Life is very informative, and also love Victoria’s other DVDs. I also like any demo type as Shazzie and info ones as Fred Bisci (very good) and David Wolfe.

  • Boutenko’s DVDs are great (you can get all their books and DVDs for just $100 on their site), for food prep I love Alissa Cohen’s DVD - she makes it fun and entertaining. Raw for Life is great for getting introduced to raw food, has great interviews and lots of valuable information.

  • I haven’t seen many raw DVDs, but in another post people recommending “Eating”. It was informative, but not very entertaining. My vegan friend and I (both very interested in raw eating) fell asleep during the first half and never finished it.

    Although it is not a “raw” DVD, the movie Fast Food Nation was good…. as informative as a documentary but with made up characters and plot lines. It got my boyfriend to stop eating meat that very day. Even after I read him excerpts from “Skinny Bitch”....

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